Recommended iPad Accessories

The iPad not only has excellent applications that improve its performance, but it also has accessories that make it a more useful and versatile device, such as the Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard and many others, some not even created by Apple. .

If you want your iPad to be more than just a tablet, here you will find a list of some of the best accessories you can buy to have a more competent device.

The best accessories for the iPad

With just a few accessories you can make your iPad your best ally for working, consuming content, designing, editing, and much more. These elements cannot be missing:

Apple Pencil Pro

This pencil is essential for drawing, designing, creating plans, etc. First of all, you can customize the pen’s functions and gestures to suit what you need, for example, it allows you to set commands to zoom, fill in, modify the type of path, the colors to use, and more.

On the other hand, the Pencil Pro stands out for its pixel precision, which guarantees a natural and fluid experience when drawing or writing on the iPad.

Additionally, the pen is compatible with built-in iPadOS apps, such as Notes and Freeform, allowing you to use it for multiple tasks without limitations. Please note that it is compatible with your iPad. Its price is 130 euros.

Apple Pencil

Apple Magic Keyboard Case

If you are going to use the iPad for office tasks such as writing, sending emails, managing social networks, managing spreadsheets, among others, the ideal is to opt for this Apple protective case that incorporates a small keyboard for the iPad. Thanks to this keyboard, you can turn your tablet into a laptop.

Logically, by simply attaching the case to the iPad, the keyboard will automatically pair with the device, you will not have to do any manual configuration. Note that the keyboard has backlit keys, a trackpad and a USB-C port for direct charging. The cost of this accessory ranges between 250 and 300 euros.

apple protector

Apple AirPods (2nd generation)

While you can pair any number of Bluetooth headphones with your iPad, having AirPods will allow you to fully enjoy all of Apple’s support for sound. These headphones incorporate the H2 chip that implements better noise cancellation that does not distort the audio of the music or content you are playing.

They also offer a personalized spatial audio function, which will adapt to the shape of your ear to dynamically track your head in order to arrange sounds in the most effective way possible so that you appreciate every detail. We must also highlight the autonomy, which reaches six hours of use. The price of these headphones is 250 euros.

Apple headphones

Twelve South HoverBar Duo

This is a stand that will allow you to use the iPad as a second screen, you can place it next to a monitor to optimize your workspace. The appeal of this model lies in its versatility, since it has a handle to hold the iPad in the air.

Additionally, you can replace the handle with a traditional stand to place the device on a desk. The stand can be attached to different heights, is capable of rotating on its axis and adapts to different angles, so you will have no limitations when arranging the iPad in the most efficient way. Its price is 80 euros.

iPad support

ESR Magnetic Screen Protector

A complement that will allow you to keep the iPad screen intact. This product stands out for its easy installation, because it adheres to the panel by means of magnetic edges that it incorporates, which means that you will not have to deal with complicated installations or with sheets that create air bubbles when sticking to the tablet screen .

Due to its magnetic technology, you can remove the protector whenever you want and it is made to be reused around 100,000 times (according to ESR). Mention that the texture of the protector imitates paper to facilitate any task related to drawing or writing. This accessory costs 14 euros.

Tempered glass

HyperDrive Hub Adapter

We finish with a dongle that connects to the USB-C port of the iPad to offer various connections, such as a 3.5 mm jack to connect headphones, a USB-A port, a slot for SD and micro SD cards, a USB-C connector 60 W and an HDMI port compatible with 4K at 60 Hz. Its price is 100 euros.

Dongle with connectors

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