Recommended travel adapters to charge your mobile

If you constantly travel to other countries outside of Europe, it is essential that you purchase travel adapters for your mobile charger. This way, you will not have problems when you have to charge your smartphone and the power outlet is different from the one available in Spain.

A good travel adapter will work for both standard chargers and wireless chargers, they are versatile devices that will easily free you from this problem. Therefore, if you don't know which one to buy, don't worry, here you will find a list with some of the best alternatives on the market.

TOP of the best travel adapters for mobile chargers

All the models that we will present below stand out for having a good quality-price ratio. They are products that fulfill their function perfectly and are economical.

BESTEK International Power Adapter

It covers all the variants that exist worldwide, it is a kit that has a small power strip and adapters for the USA, Latin America, Asia and more. The power strip has a power regulator that can vary between 220 and 110 volts.

BESTEK guarantees that the kit is made to work in over 160 countries, providing complete versatility. In addition to the adapters, the power strip incorporates four USB ports with a power limit of 250 W. The product also has protection against short circuits, overheating and overloads. Its price is 50 euros.

Charger adaptersCharger adapters

FOVAL Power Voltage Converter

In addition to the adapters for the multiple power outlets, it also includes an adapter that has 110 – 240 V voltages, which makes it possible to use the equipment in more than 160 countries without any inconvenience.

The company guarantees that with its kit you can travel to Europe, Australia, America, Asia and various African countries without having to worry about the types of plugs you will find in each area. It also has four USB ports and provides protection against overheating, short circuits and overloads. The amount is 43 euros.

travel adapterstravel adapters

Key Power Voltage Converter

Includes electrical cables from Europe and North America and four adapters for power outlets, which are designed for the mobile charger. However, the quality of this product is that it incorporates a USB-C port and three USB-A slots, which will be useful for charging tablets, computers and more.

As usual, it includes several protection functions such as smart charging, that is, the device will stop supplying power when the mobile is charged. It also has safety tools against overheating, short circuits and overloads. The cost of Key Power is 50 euros.

voltage adaptervoltage adapter

Conair Universal Travel Adapter

The main advantage of this Conair adapter is its portability, it is compact, light and resistant. In addition, it is versatile, it has connectors for the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, some countries in Africa and South America, so coverage is practically total.

But that's not all, Conair also includes adapters for New Zealand, China, Australia, Continental Europe and the Middle East within the purchase. It also has a USB-A port, smart charging and protection against short circuits and overheating. The price of this Conair adapter is 22 euros.

Compact adapterCompact adapter

OREI Full European Travel Adapter Set

Finally, we close with this adapter kit that has been created for people who travel constantly within Europe. All power outlets are covered, including those in the UK and Ireland, so no country will be left out.

The design of each adapter is minimalist, small and light, you can carry them comfortably in your pants pocket. It should be noted that the adapters have double input so that you can charge two devices at the same time safely, as it has protection against overheating and short circuits. The price of this set is 15 euros.

Mobile adaptersMobile adapters

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