Recreate texts with WordArt, Microsoft’s mythical tool

If you are one Advanced user of word processing programs – and you have more than three decades of existence – you may remember that in the early days of Word, Microsoft had the opportunity to use its WordArt tool to create very eye-catching titles for the time.

WordArt can be used online and for free to remember the 90s word processors

If you had to submit work for university in the late 90s or had to do some kind of presentation for the office, you may have used the mythical WordArt fonts that allowed you to put big colored letters of different shapes on top of the text. Envelopes, envelopes … or just making posters that warn of any situation.

Almost as old-fashioned as the Comic Sans font, WordArt fonts exude a stale ’90s smell that could remind you of a youthful era. If you want to use them again, know that there is a possibility.

Of course, you could install Word 95 on a computer that could use it again, but you have an even simpler option. There is a website where you can create your texts using the various WordArt fonts.

It’s, a website that rebuilds the Microsoft Word 95 environment and where you can easily create the posters in WordArt, choose from a variety of models and write the text you want on a white background.

On this curious website, you also have the help of Clippy, Microsoft’s friendly assistant who was nothing more than a desktop clip on a shredded sheet of paper and made history almost two decades ago. Just to see him again is it worth entering.

Surely this site will delight many nostalgic people, although today there are numerous sites and free editing programs that can help you get much more modern fonts for all kinds of work, presentations, and posters.

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