Relaxation with CBD: why and how

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Nowadays there are many types of alternative therapies: it is no longer necessary to be satisfied with a single agent or medication. In addition to all the alternative treatments that you can find yourself, your doctor can offer you many alternatives.

One of the most popular alternative remedies in recent years is CBD. This is a chemical compound that occurs in the cannabis plant. While it's not the only one: CBD belongs to the cannabinoid family, which includes more than 100 different cannabinoids found in this plant. We don't even know some of the effects. Here you can buy CBD online at Justbob.

CBD or cannabidiol has been used for decades to relieve pain, prevent anxiety and calm nerves. It causes your body to relax: it increases blood flow to your muscles, relaxes them and also blocks the pain sensation you may feel. It is without a doubt the best substance to support relaxation.

Let's see the benefits of using CBD for relaxation:

1. It is very safe

Every drug carries risks. But some more than others: Many drugs, which are used, for example, to calm nerves or relieve anxiety, have a high risk of addiction. Benzodiazepines are one of the most effective and standard medications for calming the nerves, but they have one small problem: Our body develops a tolerance to this medication if it is taken frequently. (CBD doesn't develop tolerance, at least nothing significant.)

The development of tolerance means that the starting dose that has previously calmed and relaxed you has no effect, and you may need to increase it to double the starting amount. This increases our body's susceptibility to side effects and, above all, the risk of overdose. In contrast, CBD has never caused an overdose since its investigation (almost 100 years).

2. Relieve pain

Frankly, no matter how hard we try, it is impossible to relax when we have a headache or muscle pain. Impossible.

Fortunately, we have CBD. CBD not only blocks relaxation, it also blocks transmitters that tell our brain that something hurts. That means it blocks the sensation of pain.

It may also be the case that a certain pain is the one that gets on your nerves. We have all been in a bad mood and that turns the headache into a migraine. In the end, we no longer know what started first: the bad mood or the headache. A few drops of CBD will improve the situation.

3. It is easy to use

Another advantage of using CBD is that it is very simple. You don't have to worry much about the amounts (one drop more, one drop less, it's the same) and it's not the end of the world if you miss a dose.

For some medications, missing a dose can be a disaster, but when it comes to CBD, there is no problem. Taking two doses at the same time is not a dangerous dose if you find that you have missed one. You will be very relaxed for a few hours at most, and that would be it.

Use of CBD oil

The first thing to understand when using CBD oil is that all medicines work best when taken daily. Thus, the effects of the drug remain more or less effective for several days. The results are much better when consumed this way.

It's also a good idea to get used to taking CBD oil at certain times of the day. If you use it to relax all day, it's a good idea to do it three times a day, morning, noon, and afternoon.

If you use CBD oil to relax at a time of day that suits you best, e.g. For example, during work breaks, try to make this time more or less the same every day. If you use CBD oil to relax before bed, take it one to two hours before you normally sleep.

When it comes to oil, the dose is counted in drops. The dose varies from person to person: start with a drop and increase the dose until you find the dose that relaxes you neither too little nor too much. The middle-point.

The standard dose is three drops per application. Many bottles are supplied with a pipette supplied so that the dose can be measured very easily.

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