Replai, the Artificial Intelligence capable of answering tweets

Artificial Intelligence Robot

A single click is all it takes from now on to reply to a tweet. At least if it is done using one more of the amazing utilities provided by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Replai allows you to reply to tweets with a choice of positive, humorous, witty, negative or inquisitive tone.

This is what it achieves Replai, a chatbot evolved from GPT-3. and for the moment allows you to test it for free. Integrated into Chrome as an extension of this web browser, it will add an option when replying to a tweet with five alternatives related to the tone of the tweet with which you want to respond:






Simply click on any of these options to have Replai generates a reply tweet in the chosen direction based on the original tweet. In addition, this allows the automated response to be produced in the same language as the original tweet even if the user does not know that language. At the moment, the GPT-3 AI allows Replai to be used in languages such as English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German…

The response offered by Replai is generated in just one second and although they are usually correct in form and structure they lack (for the moment) the tone or personal style of each user, so depending on the context they may offer a strange feeling, perhaps too formal or dispassionate or lacking the characteristic humor of the user. This can make them feel a useful resource for automating procedural or polite responses.beyond being a recreational and research use, like many other uses of AI such as the generation of images through text descriptions.

For now Replai only allows to generate a maximum of 10 free answers but offers a subscription service that allows to 150 automated responses in exchange for $7 per month..

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