Roads that recharge electric cars

Yes, it is environmentally friendly to own an electric car. However, many are discouraged by the shortage of charging points. How to improve that aspect? In Germany they thought of something, and developed roads that recharge electric cars. It will do so as long as they drive on it.

Germany will install a smart road. It allows electric vehicles to be recharged while they are in motion. It works by being equipped with an induction charging network under its asphalt.

In Germany, they install roads that recharge electric cars.
In Germany they install roads that recharge electric cars.

Longer trips

Electric cars will be able to drive on this highway with almost zero consumption of their energy. They will dispense with stopping to recharge the battery. The technology would be the solution for vehicles with a range of less than 400 km. It will be the solution for long trips.

The project in Germany is driven by Electreon. The Israeli company is collaborating with the German brand EnBW. They will start the work with the installation of inductive charging on approximately 400 meters of a road in the city of Bolingen. This is reported by the site Car and Driver.

The test section will be flanked at its ends with two static wireless charging stations. The first circuit will power an electric bus, which will transport passengers from the suburbs to the center. It will be like another means of public transport in the city. In the next phase, the electrified section will be extended by a further 600 meters. Thus, a total of one kilometer will be completed.

This would enable longer autonomous journeys.
This would allow longer autonomous travel.

Future on the road

The project has a budget of 3.2 million euros. But, even if the investment were to multiply it would not make the road functional. This is because no electric car on the market can take advantage of this technology (yet).

Despite this, Germany is going ahead with electrified roads. For its part, Electreon aims to equip all highways in Germany with induction charging. An idea that is planned in other nations, such as Sweden. Roads that recharge electric cars on the move will populate the future.

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