Robotics help is very important during a pandemic

The robotics It is advancing at great speed and is very important for medicine and biotechnology. Although there isn't enough technology to fully replace a human, robots have become an invaluable help in this global pandemic. They easily perform activities that are dangerous for one person.

They have long been used to perform tasks that involve a certain degree of danger. The corona virus pandemic changed things in general. It also affected the daily use of robots to reduce the likelihood of infection.

Robotics creates models that replace people to avoid infection

In the US state of Washington, six-wheel robots deliver a wide variety of products to your home. In this way, the residents receive their purchases with total asepsis.

Robotics - robot delivery

In addition, no personnel are required for deliveries. Thanks to the implementation of this system, fewer people circulate on the streets, which means fewer infections. Since its appearance, numerous shops have been supplying a wide variety of items with these robots.

In Hong Kong, robots are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the metro. In Belgium they are responsible for cleaning hospitals. The robotics It is of great help in health centers. Disinfection by robots with ultraviolet light is one of the best techniques for asepsis in hospitals and clinics.

Robots are used in many parts of the world so that doctors do not have to take temperature measurements for patients. Some models are even able to monitor blood pressure and measure oxygen saturation in people who are likely to be infected.

Engineering students at some universities, such as Shanghai, developed robots that dose gel alcohol at the entrance to hospitals and offices. These robots are ready to work autonomously for 60 days.

Others should regularly spray disinfectants in waiting areas where the crowd is very dense. There is a robot model that is responsible for distributing the trays of food to each patient admitted to the hospital.

Robotics in the hospital

Drones are also very useful during the pandemic

Drones are used to perform a variety of tasks. For example, laboratory samples are already sent using this method. This not only reduces the risk of infection during the transfer, it also makes it much faster.

Drones are also used for surveillance. For example, in the control of people who violate the quarantine and do not comply with the restrictions on staying at home. Other drones are equipped with thermal imaging cameras. They make it easier to identify the people who may be carrying the virus.

The short preparation time before the expansion of the corona virus was not sufficient. It caused that robotics I am not completely ready to help properly for the duration of the problem.

Past experiences, such as robots that were used by the Red Cross during the earthquake in Mexico, shed some light on hope. Robots have proven to be indispensable in times of crisis. It is only necessary to analyze and develop the area robotics make optimal use of the potential in the future.

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