Robots becoming more human

Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, creator of Amazon, and technology companies like Microsoft and Nvidia, are trying. They work together to create increasingly human Robots. This is what the sources consulted by the US agency 'Bloomberg' say.

They carry out this mission through the startup Figure AI. Through social networks it shows the advances in the design and functionality of the machines. The same ones with which they intend to bring cutting-edge technology to the daily tasks of humanity.

Robots that are increasingly more human is the new goal of the big millionaires.
Robots that are increasingly more human is the new goal of the big millionaires.

New model

For this, they are already preparing the Figure 01 model. This could carry out work where people can put their lives at risk. At the same time, it will help ensure that there is no shortage of labor. According to its website, this robot will have a height of 1.67 meters. It will weigh 60 kilos and will be totally electric.

«Figure 01 brings together the dexterity of the human form and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. It can go beyond single-function robots. “It will provide support in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and retail,” says the startup.

According to the people consulted by Bloomberg, the platform carries out a financing round. This plans to raise around 675 million dollars. Of that amount, $100 million belongs to Bezos. He engaged them through his firm Explore Investments. 95 million more are from the company founded by Bill Gates. And Nvidia, together with a fund affiliated with Amazon, will grant 50 million each.

profitable activity

Other companies participating are Intel, LG and Samsung's investment fund. Just to name some of the most recognized worldwide. In May of last year, Figure AI earned $70 million. It did so in a financing round led by Parkway.

Making robots more and more human will be highly profitable. «We hope to be one of the first groups to bring a humanoid to the market that can be really useful. It will carry out commercial activities,” its CEO, Brett Adcock, declared on that occasion.

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