Russia develops an anti-steroid defense system

Recently we learned that both the POT as the THAT they were working on their first test to deflect an asteroid potentially dangerous. It seems that too Russia You want to join this initiative, although you will do it alone, developing your first anti-steroid defense system. Let's see what the work of the Russian agency consists of.

The Russian aerospace agency, by name Roscosmos, is giving much to talk about in recent times. Now what China It has begun to grow in the space field, the rest of agencies, both NASA and ESA, but also the Japanese and even the Indian, are developing increasingly ambitious and complex projects.

There is no doubt that it is necessary to develop an anti-steroid defense system on Earth. We think we are safe under our protective atmosphere because most of those who enter are small rocks that dissolve and burn in it. But history warns us that this will not always be the case, and the risks are very high.

No wonder the Russian Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the agency Roscosmos, they have put to work for the development of a program that can deactivate the dangerous rocks of space that are constantly directed towards Earth and that at some point could be potentially dangerous for life in our planet.

What will the anti-steroid defense system be like?

The new defense system to protect the Earth from dangerous asteroids and fragments of cosmic rocks will also be responsible for monitoring the large amount of space junk that today orbits our planet. They are remnants of disused satellites that have been scattered and that at some point could access the Earth's surface causing serious damage, and may be even more dangerous than any meteorite.

Without a doubt, it is good news to use RS-2 intercontinental ballistic ships0 to act as a defense system for the Earth. They would be launched to divert these potentially dangerous objects to avoid catastrophic collisions.

Therefore, Russian experts will develop a system of protection and will study the characteristics of the celestial bodies that could presently represent a danger to the Earth.

In case of locating a dangerous body, they will be used Dnieper carriers, modified versions of the RS-20, which are cheap and reliable, and that could be very useful at this time for the mission of diverting asteroids, comets and even remains of space debris caused by humans.

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