Russia risks running out of Cloud space


The online data storage providers in Russia are at risk of becoming saturated due to economic sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia banned foreign companies abandoning their activity in the country from taking their servers with them

As reported by the Russian news agency Kommersant in just two months Cloud storage service providers would have exhausted the capacity of local data centers to store as much as the demand of Russian inhabitants requires.

Due to economic sanctions data center companies are prevented from increasing or expanding their facilities or contracting with foreign companies for any supplies. At the same time the economic blockade imposed on the country by the local authorities themselves and the drop in the price of rulo further complicated the situation.

A possible alternative is the one that has been raised in the Russian Ministry of Digital Transformation, and would pass through taking control of servers that have been abandoned by Western companies that have left the country. This is one of the consequences of the Russian offensive against the limitations imposed by the United States on imports, which prevented foreign companies leaving Russia from taking their servers with them if they left the country.

Another of the measures being considered is to force Internet providers and streaming platforms (music, movies, series, video games…) to limit the transmission of multimedia files. One more limitation in the field of entertainment that would join other previous limitations such as the one affecting the use of social networks in Russia.

China could be a solution, but although timidly it has also interrupted the sale of certain products while raising prices, while the Asian country does not seem to be willing to compromise its world economy by helping Russia.

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