Samurai sword rescued in Switzerland

It was found by the Swiss customs authorities. They didn’t expect to find something like this. What surprised them? They discovered an ancient sword. It turned out to be almost 700 years old. What is the story of the samurai sword rescued in Switzerland?

The samurai sword rescued in Switzerland dates back to 1353.
Samurai sword rescued in Switzerland dates from 1353.

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700 years

It appeared during a routine search of a vehicle after it was illegally imported The federal Bureau of Customs and Border Security provided details. It announced in a statement the discovery of the Katana sword. It was learned that it dates back to 1353 and is valued at 650,000 euros ($697,823). Where did it turn up? It was in a car with Swiss license plates during a routine search near Zurich

Shortly before, the katana had been smuggled into the country. Several other interesting objects were also found in the automobile. These included an old book, a contract and bill of sale.

The driver was accompanied by his daughter. He had not registered the objects at the Thayngen border crossing from Germany. The customs authorities launched a criminal investigation. They finally determined that the driver was not the owner of the objects. He indicated that he had picked up the sword in Stuttgart at the request of his employer.

Authorities in Switzerland succeeded in rescuing it.
Swiss authorities succeeded in rescuing her.


Customs experts determined the infringement committed by this type of act. The import of the antique sword is to be considered a violation of the Swiss Law on the Transfer of Cultural Property. This law that aims to preserve the cultural heritage of mankind. In addition, it prevents theft, looting and illegal import and export of cultural property.

Following the investigation, the regional authorities imposed fines. They were more than 6,000 Swiss francs (6,226 USD) to the employer for the apparent violation.

Meanwhile, customs authorities said they had collected almost 54,000 Swiss francs (56,433 USD) in VAT from the driver. He faced up to 800,000 francs (836181 USD) in additional fines.

The samurai sword rescued in Switzerland will finally find a proper resting place. It is expected to be a museum, where everyone can admire it.

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