Scientific Barbie honors women fighting the coronavirus

For 60 years, Barbie dolls were and are the favorite toys of generations of children. Millions of women around the world keep them with the same charm as they did when their parents gave them. In 2021 they are launching the Scientific Barbie, which honors women fighting the coronavirus.

Many collectors consider them to be real treasures. Outstanding women were honored with a Barbie by the manufacturer Mattel. Some of them were Marilyn Momroe, Eleonor Rooselvelt and Beyoncé. These and many more already have their tribute dolls.

Barbie honors women who have faced the coronavirus

Today, the scientific and medical world is committed to protecting health in the wake of Covid 19. The launch of Scientific Barbie pays tribute to women pioneers in the fight against coronavirus around the world.

The first winner is the English scientist Sarah Gilbert. She is Professor of Vaccinology at Oxford University and developed the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. Though Mattel’s initiative surprised her, the scientist hopes that Barbie’s image will inspire new generations to dedicate their lives to science.

The Oxford professor doesn’t just have her Barbie she honors. Five other scientists also took part in the introduction. They are women who fought hard and are still doing it to face the pandemic.

You’re Amy O’Sullivan, an American who works as a nurse at Wyckoff Hospital in New York. This emergency room nurse treated the first patient to be hospitalized with Covid 19. Amy Cruz, a Las Vegas-based medical doctor who fought against discrimination in patient care.

The others who have their image in a barbie are Chika Stacy Oriuwa, an intern in psychiatry at the University of Toronto. The tribute is for his fight against prevailing racism in health care.

Jacqueline Goes de Jesús is a scientist from Brazil who studied the variant of the coronavirus in Manaus. The latest woman to be honored with a personal barbie is Kirby White, a doctor from Australia. He developed a washable and reusable surgical gown to help fight disease on the front lines.

The production of the Scientific Barbie is limited

The six new Barbies will be produced in reduced numbers. With this introduction, Barbie, which is sold in more than 150 countries, has represented more than 200 professions. Women identify with these dolls.

The scientist Gilbert has earmarked the proceeds from the doll with her picture to Women in Science and Engineering. It is a nonprofit that encourages girls to be interested in Exact Sciences.

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