Scientists predict that the moon’s oscillation will cause terrible flooding in the 2030s

Due to the ongoing loss of ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic, sea levels will rise sharply. However, according to NASA, the wobbling of the moon will result in many cities being flooded over the next decade.

Moon oscillation

The oscillation of the moon could cause terrible flooding

The problem is more serious when the rise in water levels coincides with the lunar cycle. Scientists predict that sea level rise will be significant during flood cycles. Although the warning weighs heavily on coastal cities in the United States, the range is believed to be global.

According to the article published in the journal Nature Climate Change, the moon’s vibration is added to the increase in water caused by climate change. The study was conducted by the Sea Level Change Science Team at the University of Hawaii.

They made calculations about the floods. The result predicts major floods are coming. They last at least a month. The study focused on the coastline of the United States, but they estimate it will be a problem that will affect our entire planet.

Only the coast of Alaska can have any security. That is expected for at least another decade. Due to natural geological processes, Alaska will experience less drastic flooding as the soil level increases.

the wobbling of the moon will exacerbate flooding in coastal cities

Why should this weather-related phenomenon occur?

The lunar or lunar cycle will coincide with the rise in water. The gravitational force of the moon and sun affects terrestrial sea level and causes periodic changes in sea level. The reason for such flooding, which is forecast for the mid-2030s, coincides with the lunar cycle, which occurs every 18.6 years and which is known as the Lunastice. This happens when the moon produces very regular vibrations.

The biggest problem is that this moonlight coincides with a very high altitude. If the sea level continues to rise like it does now, the influence of the moon will raise the sea level. In this way, the continental coasts of the United States, Hawaii and Guams will be badly affected.

Research makes good planning easier

NASA warns that it is currently in the middle of the cycle. In other words, the tide is lower than usual and the tide is higher. For this reason, the effects forecast for mid-2030 cannot currently be seen.

According to the scientists, the study is useful for planning future coastal development projects. The sea level that was predicted decades ago has not caused any coastal flooding at present. However, this may change in the near future. When the rise in sea level is combined with the pull of the moon during the tides, the most serious problems can begin.

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