Sea grain is a superfood that can revolutionize food in the world

They grow in Spain, a grain that has been classified as a superfood because of its high nutritional power. It’s called “Zostera Marina” but its popular name is “Sea Grain”. It was discovered in 2017 by a Spanish chef, Ángel León. It wasn’t until 2018 that he became the first grower to receive United Nations Food and Agriculture certification.

Sea grain
Zostera Marina – By Sofia Sadogurska – Own work, CC BY 4.0,
Know the sea grain better

For several years, Angel León studied an indigenous community in Mexico that ate on cereal grains that grew in the sea. After the plant was found, it was grown in the Bay of Cadiz. This plant is currently cultivating an area of ​​3000 square meters.

Sea grain is a grass that grows in the sea. It is a sustainable and ecological culture:

  • It doesn’t need any nutrient enhancers or fertilizers.
  • Produces wealth in an ecological way.
  • Help in the fight against climate change.
  • It does not require large resources for its cultivation.

It belongs to the seagrass family and feeds on water. It is a grain that is much denser than any grain, it resembles a legume. It can be cooked like rice and also made into flour.

Sea cereals can be cooked like rice
Sea cereals: picture of alimony:

It contains 13% vegetable proteins, 82% carbohydrates, half of which are starch, 2% fat, vitamins A, B and E, omega 3 and 6 and glucose. Because of this, it is considered a superfood with high nutritional value.

It is of great importance for ecology

It can change the geography of the countries where it is grown as they can only sow it in the sectors that have access to the sea. They reclaimed abandoned areas many years ago to use them to grow seaweed, which promotes biodiversity.

This area is becoming an attractive landscape that attracts ecotourism. This will benefit the community’s economy as well as nature. Sea grain produces oxygen around itself, which promotes marine biodiversity. In addition, the cultivation of an endangered species is being promoted.

Chef del Mar Aponiente Laboratory for Gastronomic Research

More than 10 years ago, Angel Leon and the biologist Juan Martín set up a laboratory to observe new foods that come from the sea. After researching sea grains, they plan to set up a center for the identification of sea plants around the world.

They also strive to bring some land crops to the sea. They are currently analyzing everything that may have to do with this topic. You intend to start planting marine gardens in the near future.

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