Security breach in LastPass password manager

LastPass passwords

Password manager LastPass is investigating a new security breach in its systems, the second it has suffered this year.

A password manager allows you to centralize in a single application all passwords from different platforms, social networks, services…

Karim Touba, CEO of LastPass, has reported through a blog post on the platform’s blog that there has been. unauthorized access to some of the information of some users. that was stored in a cloud service shared by LastPass and its parent company, GoTo.

For its part GoTo, formerly LogMeIn, the company that acquired LastPass in 2015, has also issued a similar statement in very vague terms in which it simply claims to be investigating this incident. At the time of this press release, work is still underway on narrowing down the magnitude of the incident. The security incident and in identifying what information has been specifically accessed.

Last August LastPass already had another similar incident in which someone unauthorized was able to access the platform, making off with parts of the code and technical information. Nevertheless, Touba himself says that user passwords are kept encrypted. and their security has not been compromised.

Password managers are applications that on the one hand generate passwords automatically, endowed with a structure strong enough to keep the data of these passwords safe, but also allow storing passwords for various services, applications, social networks…

In addition to the security they provide they allow the convenience of having to memorize only one very strong password, that of the password manager itself, being able to. store very complex passwords in the same and practically impossible to memorize.

An additional advantage is that once this password manager is installed on a device (mobile, tablet, computer…) it automatically adds the password when accessing the service or platform that requires it.

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