See if your Xiaomi phone has an internal fault

another quick little one arrives tutorial to our website! In this opportunity, you will learn how to see if your Xiaomi phone has a fault or failure without installing any external application. To do this we will check each and every component of the device, let’s get started!

how to diagnose and see if your Xiaomi phone has a fault?

The process is simple, you will only need to access a hidden menu in all the smartphones of the brand. Specifically, it is the cIT menu or Menu Hardware Test, in which you can evaluate the batterythe touch panel, the speakers… in short, the device in general.

let’s get down to business! You have two ways to access to it, the first is as follows:

  1. Go to Settings ▶ My device (or, About phone)
  2. Tap about 5 times on the option Kernel version
  3. This will open the CIT menu

The second way to enter the CIT menuen:

  1. Dial the following number on the keypad as if you were going to call ▶ *#*#6484#*#*#*
  2. voilà! You will be in the menu

what should you do to see the malfunctions of a Xiaomi phone?

It’s just your turn check the component you don’t have a clue? Then you will have to check them all, one by one, and see how they react.

To make your work easier, start from the most common, such as the touch panel, cameras, accelerometer, proximity sensors, SD and SIM card slots..

So you will know what is failing, and if possible, repair it from that menu, because from it you can calibrate the proximity sensor, for example, one of the most common failures in Xiaomi usually.

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