Segment content geographically on Google

Geotargeting or geographical segmentation It is the technique that enables webmasters and content creators to target the content of a web page, or part of its content, to searches in a particular country.

Geographic segmentation allows you to focus the content of a web page so that it is displayed in a better position in certain countries.

The geographical segmentation enables the content of a website to be displayed in best positions Search Results Pages (SERP), for searching for search queries from specific countries. This is especially important for websites with a country code type domain (ccTLD) or top-level domain. For example, the website “caramelosdecafé.es” will rank better in search queries in Spain because it has a ccTLD domain with the ending “.es”.

In fact, choosing a ccTLD domain is one of the ones better ways to segment geographical the content of the pages for searching in a particular country. In this sense, these domains already show the user in which language the content of the website will be and whether the information he finds relates to his area or not. These domains are very important when creating a local SEO strategy because they rank better on local searches.

However, this is not the only way to geographically segment the content of a website, as domains with generic high-level endings (ending in “.com”, “.net” etc.) can also be used via the Settings in the Google Search Console. To do this, you need to have a “hreflang” tag. “Hreflang” is an HTML tag that tells search engines in which countries the website should be displayed and in which countries it should be excluded.

Once the tag is inserted, it can be configured to display the content in the country or countries where you want to geographically segment the content from Search Console. The Search Console report has two sections. The first is the language section, which is where you can find the “hreflang” tag uses and errors on the website. The second is the countries section where you can configure the countries you want to target the content to.

These recommendations were made by John Mueller, Google SEO expert, during one of the weekly presentations by the Google team. Then we can see the whole video:

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