SEO positioning trends for 2024


As search algorithms are updated and improved to accommodate new ways of searching, SEO professionals must evolve your techniques in order to continue optimizing the websites and increase their visibility.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence in search engines will be one of the factors that will shape the future of SEO.

It is essential to stay up to date on new techniques and trends, as well as being able to foresee possible changes, as we have seen this year with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has been a revolution for SEO.

SEO predictions for 2024

These are some of the main trends that we can expect for 2024 in SEO positioning:

-Artificial intelligence: AI has exploded all over the world. It is a very powerful tool and can be a revolution for SEOs. AI can analyze enormous amounts of data in just a few seconds and offer very complete reports, with valuable information on user behavior and search trends, allowing strategies to be adapted to meet the needs of these users.

-Improved search results: Improved search results are now available in some parts of the world such as the US. In 2024, they will be activated for everyone and will show us the results differently, since depending on the type of search, the result will have a different color. For example, if you want to buy something, the result will appear on a yellow card, while if you want information about something, the card will be blue. This improvement is focused on differentiating the user’s search intention, which can be very helpful for an SEO when creating their strategy.

-Custom content: Some digital publications and portals such as Amazon present the user with personalized landing pages. This is a practice that may become common, since the user spends less and less time searching and prefers options that offer content curated for them. You can use information from GA4 and plugins like If-So Dynamic Content Personalization to create a custom page for each user.

-Valuable and direct content: Google’s latest updates have sought to remove from search results those annoying niche websites that use AI-generated content to rank quickly. With the arrival of AI to Google and Bing, this type of content with long empty introductions, which only seeks to keep the reader reading and consuming ads, will disappear. Search engines will reinforce direct, quality content that resolves user doubts and is useful.

More SEO trends to keep in mind for 2024

-Core Web Vitals. New Core Web Vitals have been added in recent years, but more will continue to be added in 2024. In fact, it is already known that the new Interaction Next Paint (INP) metric will begin to be counted starting in March.

-Author pages: Last year Google noted that it pays attention to author pages and the authors of content. This is due to EAT, as Google wants content to be created by experts. In this sense, it is advisable to take care of the author page and that each content has its own creator, leaving aside the typical “Editor” or “Team.”

-Reputation: Google pays so much attention to EAT that, if our name is mentioned in many sites as a negative reference, our content could disappear from Google. For example, imagine that we are an anti-vaccine doctor and we are continually mentioned on quality medical websites or forums, over time, Google will remove our content from the SERP. To avoid this problem, we must take care of our reputation and create only quality content, well researched and that offers value to users.

-A/B Test: This year we must keep usability in mind. To find out if a design works or if it needs some fixing, there is nothing like an A/B test. In this sense, we must use this type of tests when creating new pages for our sites and stick with the one that obtains the best results.

The end of AMP will arrive in 2024

-Forget about AMP: Google has left AMP aside, noting that it is no longer a positioning factor. This has led many companies to leave aside the versions of their pages that had AMP and work with only one version of it.

-Local searches: In this case it is not something new, since it is a trend that has continued since the pandemic. Year after year, local searches are becoming more important and the user tends to look for solutions in the businesses that are close to them. It is important to make the most of all the functions of Google Business Profile, Google Maps and others to improve positioning.

-Social networks: It is increasingly common for short videos from social networks such as TikTok or Twitter to appear when searching. On the other hand, many users do not even use Google, but rather search within the social networks themselves.

It is for this reason that SEO on social networks will be increasingly important. Adding the alt tag to images, using the keyword at the beginning of the text, writing a good description for the videos or being active with interactions will be essential in the future.

Google Discover will be decisive in 2024

-Google Discover: Google Discover is one of the most interesting tools that the company has created in recent years. Many companies are working to optimize their content so that they appear there, as it offers much more visibility than the normal search engine. Google Discover is ideal for news websites, blogs, and any space that covers relevant or current topics.

-Titles: One of the most recurring topics in SEO for some time now is the new algorithm that rewrites titles. In this sense, Google rewrites up to 80% of titles. Although it may frustrate some users, it is a great opportunity to improve. We have to analyze why Google has rewritten a title, was it too long? Was the keyword not the most appropriate?

-Content in tabs: Content hidden within tabs can cause problems when indexing or rendering, which ultimately harms positioning. If our site has this type of content, we must analyze whether it can be extracted, indexed and rendered correctly. If it cannot be done, then it must be changed.

-SEO for affiliation: Google introduced a series of rules and quality standards for affiliate websites. In this sense, it is advisable to review these rules and comply with them.

-Local SEO: In 2024 we cannot forget about Local SEO. With new purchasing habits, users want more interaction, so we have to offer content and also an optimized digital platform from which they can contact us.

You should also not forget…

-«Deep linking»: To improve the user experience, you have to go beyond linking to a specific web page. Instead, we link to a title, paragraph, or excerpt from the page. In this way, we are offering the best context to the user.

-Reduce redirects: This tip is especially important for large websites, which usually have many 301, 302 or 404 redirects. It is advisable to reduce them as much as possible, as they can be confusing for indexing robots. At the same time, reducing redirects also eliminates canonicalization issues.

-Google Analytics 4: In 2024 it will be important to become familiar with Google Analytics 4, as it is a new tool from which to extract a lot of information. The metrics have changed compared to the previous version and there are new reports, so it is advisable to learn again.

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