SEO tips for copywriting

Tips for improving copywriting through SEO
SEO is not only useful for finding keywords, creating meta descriptions or making an linking strategy that allows us to improve the authority of a website. It can also help us with copywriting. By applying SEO techniques, we can create better quality content that is both useful to users and attractive to search engines.

When applying SEO to copywriting, we have to think about what the user wants and not so much about what the engines are looking for.

Using SEO practices to content copywriting allows us to create sales or product pages with eye-catching content, optimized not only for conversion, but for search engines to rank them at the top of search results pages organically.

SEO tricks to improve copywriting

-Find what users are looking for: Search engines want users to find content that satisfies them. One way to do this is to know what users are looking for, something that is possible thanks to keyword search tools. But it is not only about keywords, we must also find out what questions users are asking search engines when they search. There are many tools that allow us to find them, for example, Google’s “More questions” section.

-Identify the search intent: The search intent lets you know what purpose the user has when performing a search. The most common intentions are the search for information, the search for a specific web page, the research before making a purchase or the search for a product or service they want to hire. Each search intention responds to specific keywords that we must identify and implement in the content.

-Copywriting eye-catching: The goal is not only that users find and read the content, but that they consider it useful and, therefore, worthy of sharing or linking. In this way, we will obtain backlinks, which will allow us to position ourselves better in the SERP. The best contents for this purpose are own research, case studies or detailed guides.

-SEO On-Page: To position any content, it must comply with Google’s guidelines. To do this, it is necessary to optimize headings, use title and subtitle tags to keep the content well ordered, as well as write meta descriptions that provide an attractive summary of the content and contain the target keyword.

More SEO copywriting tips

-Easy-to-read content: It is important to remember that the content must focus on the user and not on search engines, so it must be useful, but also easy to read. To do this, it is necessary to create an orderly structure that allows the reader to navigate quickly from one subtitle to another, use short paragraphs, clear and contrasted information, simple and understandable vocabulary, as well as short sentences.

-Include calls to action: One of the main objectives of SEO in copywriting is to improve conversion (make the user subscribe to a newsletter, sell a product or service, etc). To achieve this, it is necessary to use calls to action or “CTA” (Call to Action). Calls to action must show the user that what they are looking for is behind the button or link. The CTA should not be only at the end, since many users will not read the whole text, therefore, it should be included in the whole text.

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