SEO Tips for Positioning a Podcast

Podcasts are a format of Audio content This has become very popular in recent years and has become a strategic axis for companies like Spotify. It’s a very popular format – here we’ve recommended some of the best podcasts in Spanish – because users can use it during other activities such as exercising, working, or going to work from home.

Applying SEO techniques to a podcast can also be helpful in positioning yourself and attracting more subscribers.

As with other content, if they cannot find it, users cannot use it. In this sense z Increase your visibilityThe best thing to do is to work on the podcast’s SEO position as if it were a website. In this way it is possible to improve the positioning and reach more target groups. To do this, professionals can use the following tips:

-Audience: As with any content, the first thing that is very clear is the target audience. In 2020, more than 68 million people listened to podcasts. It is therefore important to target the right users. With that in mind, it is easier to get in touch with the audience when the audience’s profile is clear, as they can discuss topics that are of interest to them and speak their own language using expressions they understand and with which it is familiar.

-Text: Many podcast creators post podcasts on their personal websites or blogs first. With this in mind, it is advisable to add a post to the publication of each episode. With this in mind, SEO OnPage techniques can be used to improve the visibility and SEO positioning of each episode.

-Recycle: Another way to improve search engine optimization is to recycle podcast episodes and create smaller pieces of content. With that in mind, the podcast can be turned into social media posts or short videos that are posted on YouTube or Facebook. You can also accompany the audio with pictures and motifs to create instructions and tutorials that can be posted on Facebook or Instagram.

-Configure the platform: The first time the podcast is published on a personal website or blog, it is important to optimize it for SEO. With this in mind, priority must be given to loading speed as well as user experience. With that in mind, the website needs to be clear, clean and intuitive so that the user knows exactly which button to press to listen to the podcast and how to subscribe to it.

-Directories: In addition to being published on the website, podcasts need to be shared on the various platforms available. With that in mind, while there are Spotify and Apple podcasts, there are others too. In order to publish to all platforms at the same time, users have tools like that allow you to broadcast a podcast to all platforms at the same time.

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