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The podcast is a format that is in fashion, this is because it is easy to consume, as it requires no real effort on the part of the consumer, who can listen to the programs at any time, either while working, while driving or while playing sports.

Podcasts can also benefit from SEO techniques to position themselves and gain visibility.

However, having become popular so quickly, podcasts are also need to position themselves to gain visibility and be discovered by new users, something that can be achieved by applying some SEO techniques.

why is SEO important for a podcast? Some may ask. Podcasts also rank on Google, which in fact has its own tool for these formats.

These programs are so popular that Google created in 2019 a specific algorithm for them, so, knowing how to quickly position a program, using SEO techniques, can help us a lot to get more listeners.

-Keyword study: Keywords are the basis of any SEO strategy and they are also the basis for podcast SEO. These terms, which you should use in the title and description of the program, will be the ones that will attract interested listeners, as these terms will also be the ones they will type in the searches. Of course, as always, you should not overdo it with the keywords, you have to introduce them in a natural way.

-Images: images? in an audio content? You know that a picture is worth a thousand words, if you are able to hook the user with your thumbnail, he may listen to you just out of curiosity. But beyond the visual, images if properly configured, are also positioned by keywords in Google Images, which allows you to improve the positioning.

-Metadata: Titles, tags and meta descriptions are important factors for SEO, also in podcasts. Investing time in creating meta descriptions and titles, using keywords in these fields and making them attractive as well as explanatory are important factors.

-Transcribe content and recycle: Although 90% of the users who come to your podcast will listen to the program on different platforms, other users will look for another way to consume your content. It is for this reason that it is always a good idea to dedicate a web page to your podcast and transcribe the content, so that those users who prefer to read have the option to do so. Similarly, we can use the podcast information in other formats, such as posts for social networks or even articles for a blog.

-RSS: Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of the rss feed to link the podcast automatically with all social networks, this way, your followers will be kept updated at all times from any platform.

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