Series and movies have premiered this bridge on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO

Publications last week on platforms

This will be a long weekend for many Spanish users as they will use the “Constitutional Bridge” to take a few days of vacation. Both for them and for those who are in another country, the main entertainment platforms have decided to take advantage of this first week of December to offer many premieres with which to spend a good afternoon on the couch and the ceiling.

These are the movies and series that will be longer than usual on that first weekend in December

This first week of December is mentioned 147 series and film premieres distributed on the different platforms, crazy. This weekend there are premieres for every taste, with series and films of all genres such as horror, comedy, action and science fiction and of course with many Christmas premieres.

New releases on Netflix

This week, Netflix will receive some typical films of these dates like “Angela’s Christmas Wish”, “Christmas Eve Is My Conviction”, “Crossfire for Christmas”, “Captain Underpants’ Mega Naviguay” or “Mighty Express: A Christmas Adventure”. For movie buffs, “Mank” starring Gary Oldman will premiere this week and the vidda will be portrayed by Herman J. Mankiewicz, author of the original screenplay for “Citizen Kane”.

In terms of series, Netflix premieres this week:

– «The vacation films that made us»: Documentary that reviews some of the Christmas films of the 80s that made the biggest impact on popular culture.

– «Selena» (T1): The series traces the life of Selena, a music legend who was murdered in a motel room by one of her fans.

– “Big mouth” (T4): Fourth season of the animated series in which the youth is portrayed from the point of view of a group of children and their “hormone monsters” who will lead them in this long and strange process.

– «Detention» (T1): Taiwanese series that takes the user back to the 1960s. An institute that is haunted by death, resistance and despair. Decades later, a student must uncover the haunted secrets of the old high school.

Premieres on HBO

HBO brings some action films such as “The Final Trick”, “King Arthur, the Legend of Excalibur”, “American Ultra”, “Adaptation” or “The Guide to the Gorge” in its catalog. He has also premiered some romantic films like “Before Dawn” or “Manuale d’amore”.

In terms of series, this week HBO brings:

– “The state against Pablo Ibar”: Documentary that provides a detailed portrait of the trial of Pablo Ibar, sentenced to death for triple murder in Florida. During a 25-year trial, the viewer participates in the first trial in history for a murder that was fully recorded on camera.

Publications on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s video platform offers a variety of Christmas films such as “Christmas in the Grand Valley”, “Christmas in Love”, “Homegrown Christmas”, “Return to Christmas Creek” or “Dad’s Christmas Date”. For those looking for strong emotions, there is also “Sound of Metal”, the story of a drummer who goes deaf.

As for series, premiering this week:

– “Alvin and the Chipmunks” (T 1 and 2): This week, the brand’s most animated squirrels arrive on Amazon Prime Video.

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