Series and movies that Disney + will premiere in June 2021

With an ever wider range of content, the Disney + streaming platform unites a lot more than the Disney-related movies and series as it includes Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm … and even Star, an area of ​​content for an older audience. We’ve already analyzed which of the best Disney + series and films were for this 2021 year, but the news continues to hit the platform.

Disney + has Star, its own “channel” where you can find movies and series with more adult content

In June, Disney + presents very interesting news, including the following series:

– «Loki» (June 9th): The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues Disney + with the series “Loki”, in which the Asgardian has to face the consequences of his actions after taking over the Tesseract and changing the schedules that he now has to fix through his “voluntary” collaboration “With a mysterious organization responsible for keeping time in check and keeping it within its limits.

– –“The Mysterious Benedict Society” (June 25): It is a series that brings us closer to a very specific institution that selects young people with very special talents whose development they will support so that, thanks to their skills, they can fight a threat looming over the planet in the form of mysterious messages that reach people through radio and television broadcasts. The series is based on the novel series of the same name by Trenton Lee Stewart, of which three sequels and a prequel were published in addition to the original novel, so that there could be a series for several seasons.

In terms of movies, the following premiere titles are coming to Disney +:

– –“Raya and the Last Dragon” (June 4th): It is a feature film that uses computer animation to tell the search for the last dragon as the only method to restore peace in an ancient China, in which the protagonist Raya will experience several adventures in order to bring peace and redemption to the world. This film, which was recently released in theaters, can be viewed on the streaming platform for an additional fee for the monthly subscription.

– «Luca» (June 18): From Pixar comes “Luca”, the fun adventures of some young sea creatures who go ashore to play and transform into children who learn what life is like in an idyllic Italian fishing village, all in the award-winning brand for computer animation from home.

– “Kingsman: Secret Service” (June 4th): Directed by Matthew Vaughan in 2014, it shows the training of British secret agent Colin Firth for the promising young man Taron Egerton, who faces the global threat posed by villain Samuel L. Jackson. The cast is completed by Michael Caine, Mark Strong and Mark Hammill. Adaptation of the comic by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

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