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One of the lesser-known options of email tools like Gmail is the ability to configure default replies that allow us to reply when we are not present. This type of automatic replies – Out of office type – are very useful tools when we are on vacation and we want to let people know that we are out of the office during specific dates.

Gmail allows you to set up autoresponders to signal that you’re out of the office.

This is a very common practice in companies, whose employees often set up these automatic replies. For those of you who use Gmail as your email tool, this article will explain how to set up autorespondersusing a simple native function of the tool, in just a few steps.

First, to set default replies in Gmail we need to open the tool in a web browser. Then, at the top right of the home window, we click on the gear symbol that appears right next to our profile picture.

Gmail settings

Once inside this Quick Settings tab, we click on the first option, “View all settings”. By doing so, a new menu will be displayed, and within the “General” section, you must scroll down to the last tab, called “Automatic response”.

In order for Gmail to offer automatic replies, we must activate the option, making sure it says “Automatic reply enabled”, so we can set which is the first and last day of our vacation.

Gmail options illustration

Next, we must configure the subject of the email and write the text of the email, pointing out the reasons for our absence. Once finished, click on the “Save changes” button and that’s it, this way we will have activated the function and when we receive an email on the dates marked, Gmail will send an automatic response.

Once the time period we have configured is over, Gmail will stop sending automatic replies, so if we are still out, we must configure the times again.

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