Seven free and fun alternatives to paint

Despite the tremendous affection we have for him, especially because of his seniority, we have all more or less been looking for different alternatives to Paint. It is perfectly normal as this application features a very basic set of possibilitiesand in general, it is not ready to meet the needs of a minimally advanced user.

I have to admit that though I still use Paint today for certain basic tasks for how quick and easy it is. For example, to reduce the size based on certain pixel dimensions or to add simple text to a certain image. However, for other tasks like basic image manipulation, adding watermarks, or reducing the weight of the image while minimizing the loss of quality, I am forced to look for alternatives to Paint as this application cannot cover those features.

It’s not difficult to find alternatives to Paint. The computing world has come a long way in the last 30 years and today there are many solutions that easily surpass the mythical Microsoft tool. However, alternatives to Paint are being found that surpasses it and that they are completely free it’s a little more complicated.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to seven alternatives to paint that not only offer interesting value, but also do not cost anything. That means we can download and use them for free without restriction. Some also offer the ability to reduce the weight of the image in a very simple way without greatly affecting the loss of image quality. This is very useful for uploading images to the cloud and reducing the available space that we will be consuming. .

Without further ado, let’s get into the matter. As always, I invite you to go Questions you have in the comments We would be happy to help you with the solution. If you are looking for other free applications for Windows 10, this article should not be missed. one of the best free alternatives to paint

Alternatives to paint

Although it had a rather humble origin, it has become over time one of the best free options We find this not only because of the entire range of functions that it integrates, but also because it offers a well-organized and intuitive user interface, which is accompanied by very easy-to-interpret descriptions and the classic “Do” and “Undo” ».

Once you download and run it, you’ll see why we say it’s one of the best free alternatives to Paint. In fact, I think even this description doesn’t quite do it justice, as it’s such a complete tool that it allows us Edit photos and pictures, add various effectsChange the picture size and reduce the weight of the picture.

This app is the ones I use the most in my everyday life and it’s what i recommend the most. Do you want to try? Well, you can download it from this link. It’s very easy and works on any PC.

2.-My Paint: The value of simplicity to the utmost

Alternatives to paint

I think this is the best way to get the value of the My Paint application, another of the best alternatives to Paint, especially for those who have converted draw a passion. How could it be otherwise, it’s completely free and we can use it without any limitation.

Let’s face it, one of the things that pulls us back the most when we start using an application is the interface to itand when we talk about alternatives to paint, this reality becomes more important as we start from a tool that has a very simple and user-friendly interface, but at the same time is very complete and offers a wide variety of options and tools.

My Paint managed to make minimalism and simplicity at the interface level one of its most important values ​​and it did it wonderfully. Is an application very interesting and highly recommended, especially for those who want to get their most creative side and draw. We can reach it through this link.

3.-GIMP: complete and full of possibilities

Alternatives to paint

This is one of the alternatives to Paint that offers greater overall options, and it’s also one of the top-rated. We can use it as a Drawing tool, and also as a solution to Retouch and edit photos.

GIMP integrates an image converter and makes it available to us a variety of brushes, Airbrush, pencils, colons and gradient layers that we can use to create unique and high quality designs. Are you concerned about compatibility? Rest assured, GIMP is compatible with practically all image formats there is today.

Its only downside is that At the interface level, it’s a little more complicated than you might wantHence, you may need to go through a little learning curve before you really start taking advantage of it. It’s also not as easy as the rest of the apps. You can download it directly from this link.

4.-EZ Paint: a powerful but simple alternative

Alternatives to paint

The EZ Paint application has managed to incorporate the new functionality that is required cannot be pigeonholed as a simple clone of Paint, and thanks to the news it has received, it has, on its own, become one of the best alternatives to Paint.

Indeed, that was the main goal that EZ Paint was born with: to become one of the best alternatives to paint, and there is no doubt that it succeeded. At the interface level, there are many points of contact with the Microsoft application, which is very positive as it means that it is intuitive and easy to use, even if we are beginners.

It comes equipped with a wide variety of tools, and the fact that it allows us work with 2D and 3D textures It makes us feel like we are facing a more advanced solution than paint. Easy to use and pretty complete and lightweight. Highly Recommended We can get it from this link.

5.-Inkscape: Little known but of great value

Alternatives to paint

This is one of the lesser-known alternatives to Paint, but oddly enough, it’s also one of the most interesting for two main reasons: it has a very simple and intuitive interface, and it has a very complete text tool. For many users, text is a fundamental addition to the way they are creating and editing images, so their interest is beyond doubt.

We can use Inkspace to do drawing or drafting tasks, and it also works as a vector image creator or editor. As we expected The user interface is very simple and has flexible and versatile drawing tools. It borders on a large level in terms of compatibility with various image files that are nothing to argue about.

The text tool integrates, and gives us the ability to, a wide collection of fonts that we can easily choose from Change the order of the letters horizontally or vertically, something very useful when we want to create a banner, logo or diagram. We can download it from this link.

6.-Artweaver: free or premium, you choose

Alternatives to paint

Although the free version of Artweaver doesn’t have all of the features we can find in the Paid version (it costs 34 euros), the truth is that offers pretty good value and it is emerging as one of the best alternatives to paint despite these shortcomings.

This has an explanation, and that is, most of the features that aren’t in the free version of Artweaver focus on image and photo editing rather than design or drawing. This means that it is especially recommended for Users who focus their interests on drawing and artistic creation.

Artweaver emerges at the interface level very easy to useand gives us access to a variety of drawing and painting options including brushes, fills, gradients, clippings, filters, layers, and transparencies. We can get it through this link.

7.-Fresh Paint: an official Microsoft alternative

Alternatives to paint

Of all the alternatives to paint we’ve seen so far, this is the only one out there officially comes from MicrosoftIn fact, we can easily download it through that Microsoft Storeand at no cost.

The funny thing about Fresh Paint is that Microsoft could integrate it as a pre-installed application in Windows 10, but it doesn’t. Instead, it has chosen to offer it through the application store, although we need to be aware that because of its own characteristics not really a substitute for paint, It’s also not a pure alternative to this tool as it focuses on the more artistic side (drawing and painting).

This application enables us Draw or paint with a variety of tools, from the classic pencil to the pen, watercolors, oils and pastels. We can get it through this link.

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