Seven Good Tips for Investing in Cryptocurrencies [Vídeo]

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Getting into the world of cryptocurrencies is pretty easy, as we told you in this video, but doing things correctly is not so easy. This is not surprising, since it is an extremely broad sector with its own terminology, idiosyncrasies and dangers. But don’t panic, because in today’s video, we tell you seven essential tips to become more fluent in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies:

Good practices regarding cryptocurrencies are important because, basically, when you invest in cryptos you are trading with real moneyand it is a very volatile market, so impulsive actions or actions based on false information can go very well or, in most cases, very badly.

Be clear about the strategy to follow, choose carefully the exchange in which you are going to buy and sell, have the right apps to monitor prices …are just some of the tips that are detailed in the video and that, despite seeming like common sense, are ignored by many people who think cryptos are just a way to make easy money.

The video also talks about strategies that can replace the hodl (the way of trading cryptos that consists in keeping them without doing anything with them, just waiting for them to go up), specifically staking, which is explained in detail in this video, and parachains, of which we tell you all about in this article. Finally, emphasis is placed on avoiding scams, citing some of the most common ones, but there are many more, as we tell you in this video dedicated especially to those who are greedy for someone else’s cryptocurrency.

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