Seven Google SEO predictions for 2022

Google’s search relationship team has issued a series of predictions about the future of SEO on the platform. This team consists of names like John Mueller, Gary Illyes and Martin Splitt, SEO specialists, who have addressed the main aspects that will change over the next few years in SEO.

SEOs will have to familiarize themselves with the JavaScript programming language, but voice search can be forgotten.

-JavaScript: JavaScript will become increasingly important in SEO as progressive web apps replace traditional web pages. Users no longer want a single system app, they want to use their apps at any time, on any system. That’s why SEOs will need to understand and know how to use JavaScript in the future.

-HTML: Unlike JavaScript, SEOs will not need to learn HTML, as content managers have become increasingly intuitive, with design-by-element interfaces. However, certain elements will still require SEOs to understand basic HTML tags.

-Meta tags: In the future, Google wants to eliminate all meta tags in SEO, so it is expected that they will gradually fall into disuse.

-Structured data: At this point in time, Google no longer needs structured data to know what type of content a page has. However, structured data helps algorithms to classify content, allowing for better ranking and understanding of the content that appears on a page.

-URL: Recently, a debate has been opened on whether URLs will disappear in the future or will be replaced by entities or IP addresses. However, from Google point out that URLs will continue to be present, as they are the way the Internet communicates, so it will continue to be necessary to take care and “clean” URLs.

-Content: Another recent debate has to do with content and algorithms that automatically generate content. While this content is virtually indistinguishable from content written by a human, Google does not want to rank this type of content. Google experts point out that they don’t want algorithm-generated content if it is not supervised by a human being, and that they prefer real content anyway.

-Voice searches: On this topic, Google is somewhat suspicious, as there has been a rumor since the 1990s that keyboards will disappear in the future. However, despite the fact that more and more voice searches are being performed every day, the truth is that people are still typing. On the other hand, the team also points out that while search may vary, natural language doesn’t change, so the SEO techniques applied to voice search are not that different.

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