Seven reasons to play on PC

Playing on PC is a joy. There are many very good video game consoles, whether desktop, portable or retro that take us back to the past and there are even other devices such as modern smartphones that allow us to run mobile games of all kinds, but – in our opinion – a personal computer is the best way to play on a PC. offers the best experience to enjoy the numerous games offered every year by the world’s leading entertainment industry.

The launch of the latest generation of video game consoles from Microsoft and Sony, the two great bastions of the segment alongside Nintendo, has been a disaster due to the lack of stock that two years later we are still suffering. No new releases are expected until at least 2027 and, in addition, the approval (or not) of the purchase of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, the largest purchase operation in the history of video games with an estimated value of $69 billion, is pending, which may have huge repercussions especially in the console market.

Seven reasons to play on PC

In this scenario it is logical that a part of gamers are considering switching to a more powerful, upgradeable and versatile machine, which incidentally satisfies the rest of their computing needs. We leave you with some reasons to use your personal computer as your preferred gaming machine, but since not everything is black and white, we end by citing some disadvantages that also exist.

1.- A PC is more powerful than a console.

Modern games are a type of software that demand a lot from the hardware, especially in the graphics section that we will see later, but in other components as well. There is no color here. Any kind of comparison you make will certify that a personal computer offers better performance than a console. And it’s simply a question of size. Consoles are large miniature machines, which in order to offer a compact size and an attractive price require some sacrifices. Any well-configured mid-range PC tower (or even a gaming laptop) will give you better performance. The case of Cyberpunk 2077 and its ill-fated console versions was significant of what we’re talking about: you can’t ask for a piece of cake.

2.- A PC offers better graphics

The graphics chip is the key component in the execution of video games. If consoles, even the most powerful ones, have to make do with a customized SoC that includes the graphics chip, PC towers have the latest generation dedicated graphics that offer unparalleled performance, as well as in terms of visual quality, native resolution, support for high dynamic range, advanced technologies such as ray tracing or a much higher frame rate per second. The latest available graphics cards allow gaming at resolutions up to 8K, something unattainable for any console.

3.- A PC can be upgraded

A console must begin development many years in advance and when it reaches the market its hardware is far from being the latest available. On the other hand, its very design and degree of miniaturization, with multiple soldered components, allows almost no upgrades. In addition, the consoles are locked down to prevent game piracy. If you see that one day your console doesn’t put out good enough graphics, there is little you can do except buy a superior model, while a PC tower is much easier to keep up to date.

PC gaming

4.- A PC is easier to repair.

Connected to the previous section, the modular design of a personal computer not only makes it easier to upgrade, but also makes it much easier to repair by changing some of its components. A modern video game console is virtually unrepairable and any attempt to repair it will void the warranty. Any serious problem will require replacement of the entire machine.

5.- The PC can be used for other computing tasks.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a PC over a console is its versatility, as you can use it for gaming, but also for any digital task as a single machine for everything, be it Internet browsing, multimedia playback or work, while consoles are useless outside of the gaming function.

6.- More games are available

The war of exclusive games for consoles has deprived us of playing some great titles on PC, but the situation is changing and many console games are ported to PC as a natural movement and the launch of services such as Xbox Game Pass facilitate it. In addition, the number of total games for PC is much higher than the number available for each console. It is the most “neutral” platform and although it is penalized by the aforementioned war of exclusives the future points to a greater number of cross-platform titles that can be played on any device.

7.- Mouse and keyboard offer more control.

Video game consoles include very good controllers and third parties offer a wide range of controllers that can be used. They are very comfortable and allow you to play lying on the couch, but if you are looking for more control (and performance) nothing compares to peripherals such as keyboard and mouse. In addition, there are types of games where they are essential, see shooters competitive shooters where that millisecond matters, let alone genres such as strategy where despite the customization of the controllers it is very difficult to play without mouse and keyboard.

Playing on PC: not all advantages

Much of what has been said above may be countered with accurate arguments by console lovers. And the fact is that the PC also has its drawbacks, shortcomings or disadvantages compared to using a machine dedicated exclusively to games.

The first is the price section and it is very relevant as it can mark everything else. Although the personal computer is extremely versatile as we said and serves for other computing tasks, to assemble a modern PC tower to play games in conditions can multiply by 4, 5 or more the price of a console. Just a mid-range dedicated graphics card costs more than a whole console. That is why some users prefer to buy their console and add, for example, an inexpensive laptop for the rest of the computing tasks.

Another important section where consoles are superior is their ability to. install and use. You plug it into the power grid, connect an HDMI cable to a display and that’s pretty much all you have to do to start gaming. Setting up a PC yourself requires some knowledge and even when buying new computers already set up you have to deal with the operating system, drivers, etc. Consoles don’t need any of that and the ease of use is a big advantage for many.

The optimization offered by consoles to run every game they release for their platform is usually high with some exception that proves the rule. Especially in the exclusive games for them. Programmers work on a specific hardware and not on the hundreds of different configurations of a PC and so it is understood that with a lower overall performance level games run perfectly on others ported to PCs.

And the exclusive games. Although they are becoming fewer and fewer, there are games that are not ported to PC and playing them requires the purchase of a console. Moreover, major franchises/games are used to sell consoles by themselves to attract consumers to that platform. If the benefits from hardware sales are not as much as the layman might think, the added games they will buy (very expensive on consoles) and the potential services they can buy are.

And what do you think, do you bet on PC gaming, or both to get the best of each platform?

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