Shortcuts to get the most out of Google Calendar

Google Calendar and shortcuts

Many Google applications are aimed at improving productivity, such as Google Keep, Drive, Gmail, Meet and many more, such as Google Calendar, a tool that may seem simple to use but you can get more out of it than you might think.

The shortcuts offered by the calendar allow you to execute immediate actions to modify events, create notes, goals, etc.

For example, Google Calendar has many useful shortcuts that can be put into practice. Most of them are easy to learn and it is not a problem to become familiar with them. It will take just a few hours for Google Calendar to become an indispensable tool for everyday use. In this article we will tell you about the most important ones:

To access Google Keep and Tasks

Through Google Calendar you can directly open Keep and Tasks, but it also provides access to Contacts and Maps.

– Log in to the following address from the computer:

– Press the Ctrl, Alt and semicolon or comma keys at the same time.

– Use the directional arrows on the keyboard to move and access the column on the right side.

– Press “Enter” to open the desired app.

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To make changes in the events

Keyboard shortcuts are very effective because they allow you to easily manage events throughout the month.

C: create event.

my: see event details.

Delete or roll back: delete the event.

Z: undo action.

Control and S: save changes in the window.

Esc: return to the main calendar view.

To change the calendar view

Pressing J or N allows you to change the calendar view easily, to change the month you just need to press one of the keys. To make this procedure faster, the following keys can be used.

D or 1: date view.

W o 2: access to the week.

M or 3: month view.

X or 4: custom time range.

A or 5: agenda.

Y or 6: year view.

To move through the calendar

If the agenda is full, scrolling through the Google calendar platform can be a bit annoying, in this case the shortcut keys will be very helpful.

T: go to current date.

R: update Google calendar.

J or N: access month, date, year, etc.

S: open the calendar configuration.

/: open the search bar.

+: search for a person to create an event.

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