Siberian firs against the hangover

Hangover recipes have always been known. Of course, science also does its thing. And the answer lies in nature. A substance present in Siberian fir trees has strong hepatoprotective properties. It would protect the liver cells from the adverse effects of alcohol poisoning. Who said it The science. These are the Siberian firs against the hangover.

Siberian Fir Against Hangovers: In Search of a Cure for Alcohol Poisoning.
Siberian Fir Against Hangovers: In Search of a Cure for Alcohol Poisoning.

It is a specific substance in these trees. These are terpenes, a broad class of secondary metabolites. In the human body they serve as a link in various syntheses. For example cholesterol, sex hormones, steroid hormones, enzymes. That is, all the elements necessary for a healthy life.

Terpenes are not only found in Siberian fir trees. They are also found in various herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables. Thousands of years ago, they were used to prevent and treat various diseases. It is the first time that scientists have uncovered the hepatoprotective properties of these substances.

The effects of terpenes on the liver were discovered in an experiment with mice. It was carried out by a group of specialists from the Kazan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They worked with experts from InitiumPharm.

As part of the study, the researchers used terpenes found in the roots and trunk of the Siberian fir. These help the conifers not to lose their leaves in the frost. They rise to -60ºC. Not even on hot days when the thermometers show more than 40 degrees. Terpenes are also believed to contribute to the long lifespan of these plants. It is known that they can last thousands of years.

These terpenes were found in Siberian fir trees.
These terpenes were found in Siberian fir trees.
Testing on rodents

Over the course of a month, the scientists gave the rodents containing terpenes. Thus the biochemical parameters of the blood were normalized. It decreased the severity of liver cell damage and decreased the liver mass coefficient.

“Alcoholic liver damage is just one of the models for side effects. Our studies show a prospect of using terpenes to protect the liver from toxic effects. For example, due to eating disorders, chemotherapy, and long-term drug use. ‘That’s what Liudmila Lacerus from InitiumPharm reviews.

Terpenes have no undesirable side effects. And they don’t cause drug exposure to the body, added Lacerus.

Siberian firs against the hangover are a way to bring your eyes back to nature. New answers will be found shortly. The use of terpenes in preventive medicine will be commonplace.

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