Sing, an app that makes it easy to create NFT

NFT is a word that has been very fashionable for several weeks. Do you know what NFTs are? The acronyms correspond to the English words Not fungible token, Token not fungible in Spanish, and it is a token generated within a blockchain network that cannot be replaced or replaced; In other words, it is a unique mark, the most common use of which is to certify a work of art.

With S! NG iPhone users can create their own NFTs to share with their contacts and friends

S! NG, an app for iOS, offers users an easy platform to create free NFTs and manage them in their own digital wallet, based on the Ethereum blockchain. In this sense, the NFTs created with the app can be distributed over this network.

To get started, just create a user account and follow the on-screen instructions that will guide users through the process of account optimization and verification. In addition, the app guides the user when creating a token. This can be done via an image or audio that forms the basis of the project. On the other hand, the NFT projects of the app can be carried out alone or with other users.

Despite the Complexity in creating an NFTallows the application to perform this process without having any knowledge of tokens or cryptography in general. In short, it is possible to turn any image, video or audio into its own token, even some of the weirdest as we told you in this article, and that can be used on a personal level or for the benefit of a brand.

To do this, after creating the images or audio that will be part of the NFT, the application will take care of the entire encryption and token creation process. Once the process is complete, the user has several options such as: B. the possibility to share it with the contact network or to leave it in the portfolio of the application in order to sell it later or simply to keep it.

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