Six benefits of content marketing for businesses

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Good content attracts new customers through users who find interesting texts, images or videos, with which they can find the right content get the information they need or learn something new.

In the long run, content marketing saves companies money, especially when bought with other techniques like ads.

Content marketing requires a certain amount of time to work and also good planning, as you need to know your audience, as well as understand their needs, goals and desires.

Below, we share some of the top benefits of content marketing for businesses:

-Content in different formats: A common mistake in marketing strategies is to create content in one format, for example, an article and publish it. One of the benefits of content marketing is that it makes it possible to create content for different formats. Continuing with the example of the article, this can be turned into a video, an Instagram post or a Twitter thread.

-Evergreen content: In the same way that you “recycle” content, content marketing also allows you to take previously published evergreen content and update it to publish it again. In this sense, updating content can be an excellent way to improve the performance of our content, expanding its lifecycle as well.

-Increased organic traffic and visibility: Creating content that users read, share and enjoy increases the company’s visibility and, at the same time, generates a lot of organic traffic. As long as the content is of quality and meets Google’s EAT standards, it will also improve page authority, which, in turn, translates into more visibility.

-More engagement on social networks: When a user enjoys the content they tend to share it on their social networks, this is a sign of engagement. Someone has enjoyed the content or shares the point of view of it, so they share it on their social networks. This simple action improves visibility and makes the brand reach more people.

-Reinforce the sales funnel: A well-planned marketing strategy will be one in which you create content that reinforces all stages of the sales tunnel. For example, you should create educational or informative content for users who are in the first stage (discovery), but you also need to plan content that helps conversion, such as guides or free sessions, as well as other content that reinforces the relationship beyond the purchase, such as testimonials or webinars.

-Improve conversion: When done correctly, content marketing generates better conversion than most techniques. This is because it targets the right customer, in a way that they are able to understand and connect with, making it easier for them to make a purchase. On the other hand, people tend to buy from brands they trust and trust is built on hard work, effort and also knowledge, something that can be demonstrated through content marketing.

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