Six ideas to promote companies on social networks

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Social media users keep growing year after year, which means that these platforms are a perfect showcase for promote any companyFrom the largest to the smallest. On social networks, companies can find new customers, create brand identity and improve their sales.

Create contests or generate quality content that attracts the attention of consumers are some of the best ideas to promote companies on social networks.

For all those companies or professionals who are thinking of turning to social networks to promote their services or products, below we share some ideas on how to do it:

Contests: This is the type of content that most attracts the attention of potential customers on social networks. However, keep in mind that each platform has its own rules and “etiquette” when creating a contest, so it is necessary to review the information and do it correctly. Once the rules are clear, choose a prize that resonates with the audience and is interesting enough for followers to participate. Finally, you need to be transparent throughout the process, otherwise no one will participate again and you may lose followers.

-Become an expert: Many times, the best way to stand out from the crowd is to get the job done right. In this sense, demonstrating expertise in a particular field can be the best marketing strategy. Educational content, especially when it is of a higher quality than the rest of the accounts, can be a differentiating strategy, attracting new followers interested in learning more about the company or product.

-Be funny: On the other hand, there are few things that generate more connection than laughter. Another good digital marketing strategy for brands would be to use humor, sharing memes, funny phrases or creating humorous videos that show the company or its services from a funny point of view. This can be a tricky strategy, as you have to make sure that the humor is not offensive to anyone.

-User-generated content: This type of content not only invites followers to participate, but also offers a respite from the grueling process of creating content to post. To do this in the best possible way, you should ask users for permission to use their content, as well as invite them to share their own brand-related content (always mentioning the company or using the brand hashtag), the goal should be to create a relationship with the customer and not simple promotion.

-Interact: Another good strategy is to reach out to followers whenever possible. To do this, ask them questions, answer their comments and generate engagement with the community on a daily basis. Keep in mind that this is an approach that requires a lot of dedication and good planning, as some users may believe that we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and in any language.

-Influencer marketing: Networks like TikTok have once again boosted influencer marketing. It is still one of the most used digital marketing techniques, as it is also one of the best performing. In this sense, it is often best to look for “microinfluencers” (those with 10,000 followers or less) and offer something that interests them, either a free sample of the product or a payment for their services.

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