Six Latin American born cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies know no borders. Indeed, much of their appeal lies in the complete elimination of the geographic barriers that they represent. Since they are not dependent on a central authority, anyone (as long as their government does not forbid it, and even that is not an easy task) buy and sell cryptocurrencies wherever they are, as long as they meet one requirement: having an internet Connection.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly present in Latin America, and several countries in this region have developed their own cryptos

However, cryptocurrencies are not created by spontaneous generation, but by developers with experience in blockchain technology. And just like the cryptos themselves, these developers don’t understand any limits. Almost every country on the map has a genius or group of them who decided to create their own cryptocurrencies, and Latin America, of course, is no exception. Here are six cryptocurrencies that were created in Latin America:

-SOY: This cryptocurrency, which was created in Argentina by the Agrotoken company (and is currently finishing its development phase), is unique in the world. its price will be directly related to soybeans, one of the most important crops in South America.

SOYA (also known as Cryptosoja) is a stablecoin, which means that its price remains stable relative to another asset. In the case of SOYA, its value is directly related to the price of a tonne of soybeans.

-BRZ: BRZ, also known as Brazilian Digital Token, is a stablecoin created in Brazil and an ERC20 token that denotes the cryptos created in the Ethereum ecosystem. It is designed to maintain a 1: 1 equivalency in relation to the Brazilian real, the official currency of Brazil. It’s not available on too many exchanges, Bittrex is one of the few big ones to offer this token.

-BALL: BOLI is the abbreviation for Bolivarcoin, named after Simón Bolívar and created by Satoshisimon Bolivarmoto in Venezuela in 2015, a not very subtle play on words that connects the name of the Latin American figure with that of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the first Venezuelan cryptocurrency (excluding the failed Petro) and one of the first cryptocurrencies in Latin America. However, aside from being listed on very few exchanges, its value is currently low, hovering around 0.005 cents per dollar right now.

-KTV: KTV or Kmushicoin is the main Colombian cryptocurrency. This Boyacá-born crypto has an ecological mission that contrasts with the environmental concerns of other cryptos like Bitcoin. The purchase of KTV will fund Tierra Viva company, which is dedicated to converting solid waste containing beetles acquired in Japan, the country where the name of the crypto comes from. Currently, KTV is priced at $ 0.98.

-NBR: NBR, also known as Niobio, is a Brazilian cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain network. It is a cryptocurrency that was developed to support the Brazilian economy, especially the mining sector, as 5% of all NBR is used for mineral exploration in the country. Currently, the NBR is worth 0.53 cents per dollar.

-JAC: Jaspercoin, also known as JAC, is a novel Argentine cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain network called Jasper. This network aims to connect sellers of traditional goods (food, beverages …) with crypto users through loyalty programs (such as points or discounts) based on the network’s tokens. In addition, humble computers can mine Jaspercoin, and they even sell a device prepared to mine this cryptocurrency known as Jaspberry.

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