Six new features coming to Google Photos

Google Photos new updates

Over the next few weeks, Google will install up to six new tools and improvements for its Photos app. The company’s goal with this modification of the app is to make some easier the task of organizing and finding photos that have been stored for years.

The Google Photos app will introduce a number of new features to make it easier to organize and search for stored images

First, Google has updated the design of the app so that images can be grouped by their name, their subject, by the folder they come from and taking into account whether they have been shared by another user.

In addition, at the top of the Google Photos menu, a new option called “Import photos” will appear. From this section, the user will be able to transfer images stored in other services directly to his app such as Facebook or iCloud.

The updates will also facilitate the process of copying files from a cameraas well as digitizing old photos and videos. The mobile version of the app will also incorporate a function to improve the scanning of physical images with the phone.

For Android phones, the Google Photos update will include a more detailed folder layout. This will consist of a menu in which the user will will be able to navigate between sections for shared albums, photos marked as favorites and a chat whose windows will appear at the bottom of the screen. Later on, this same layout will also be installed in the iOS app.

Another option that will help better organization of the photo gallery is the one that allows you to exclude the mobile device itself, or a particular folder, when backing up. In this way, it is possible to avoid copying and storing repeated screenshots or other images.

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