Six SEO strategies to improve positioning in 2022

SEO Positioning

Although the basic principles of SEO while the basic principles of SEO remain the same as they were years ago, Google’s algorithm updates and the way in which users search on Google are constantly evolving. This is why the way we perform optimization on our web pages must also change.

Although traditional SEO strategies will continue to work, in 2022 we will have to introduce new strategies.

So, with all the changes that were introduced to Google throughout 2021, what are the strategies that will work best for SEO in 2022?

-Core Web Vitals: In 2021, with Page Experience, one of the biggest changes in recent years was introduced. These usability metrics have officially become an SEO ranking factor, so it is worth taking them into account. The Core Web Vitals consist of the Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift, each of which is responsible for measuring a usability factor such as loading speed or web page stability.

-Keyword Clusters: Keyword research is one of the foundations of SEO. However, as Google includes and improves natural language processing, keywords are becoming more complicated. Keyword clusters are an advanced keyword strategy that consists of grouping words by subject matter and semantic relationship, so that we can create related content based on similar searches.

-Content optimization tools: Content optimization tools can help you create high quality, semantic content that will quickly rank on Google. These tools use natural language processing tools, similar to those used by Google, to identify words, subtopics, synonyms and even common questions among users. One of the advantages of this strategy is that it has an almost immediate impact on positioning.

-Long content: Although it is not a ranking factor, Google really likes long content. This is because long content is more likely to show the EAT quality signals that Google associates with quality content, such as detailed content, previous research, original analysis, authorship and being written by experts.

-Traditional SEO: Despite all the novelties, we cannot forget the traditional SEO strategies. In this sense, we must not neglect the quality of content, SEO OnPage, links and backlinks, as well as the technical SEO that has regained importance as a result of the Core Web Vitals.

-The democratization of search: Google is getting better and better at recognizing content quality as well as user experience signals on web pages. In this sense, domain authority will not play as important a role in the coming years as it used to. This will allow Google’s top positions to be more open.

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