Six tips to improve brand image in 2022

Tips to improve brand image in 2022

A company’s brand image can be a determining factor in whether it will users to become customers. It is a set of elements, such as the logo or corporate identity, that we must take care of in order to connect with our customers and enjoy an adequate online presence.

In 2022 it will be very important to take care of our brand image and adapt to the changes coming to Google and navigation.

The brand image is the first thing that customers know about usit is therefore vital to take care of it and keep in mind how we can improve it to attract more visibility and improve our sales:

-Objectives: First of all, we must have clear objectives and not create our brand image impulsively. Each piece of content we create and publish adds one more piece to the total of our image, so we must be careful and plan everything in advance. A company that sporadically publishes content without rhyme or reason will not gain the trust of users. It is important to measure and plan, periodically reviewing what we have done.

-Style and message: Each piece of content we publish must have a style and a “voice” according to our audience. To do this, first of all we must be very clear about who our customers are, in which social networks or media they move and what language they use, as well as their main “pain points”. If we know our customer like the back of our hand, we will be able to adapt our style and our messages to their needs. In this way, we will not only create a design and an image that pleases and attracts them, but every message we publish will resonate with them.

-SEO and online presence: To improve our brand image, we must have an impeccable online presence. This means that our website must be optimized for SEO, our social networks must publish relevant content and we must offer fast and effective communication and customer service channels. In 2022, SEO gets a bit more complicated with the arrival of Core Web Vitals and new algorithm updates, so it will be important to keep up with all these changes.

-User Experience: Similarly, Google has put the focus on usability and user experience. This means that we must take great care of the experience that the user has when coming into contact with our content or our website.

-Distinguish yourself: Although it may seem like very basic advice, it’s important to be different. Today, virtually every company and business has an online presence. They are all fighting for customers’ attention. If we launch the same messages as everyone else, if we talk about the same topics as everyone else, customers will not be able to distinguish us from the rest and, inevitably, we will end up losing them. In 2022, it will be more important than ever to differentiate yourself and have a distinctive brand, with personal and customized messages.

-Seize time and opportunities: Marketing in 2022 has changed. New techniques such as conversational marketing or automation are gaining importance. Take advantage of these new opportunities, don’t waste your customers’ time with irrelevant content. Call their attention only when you have something really valuable to offer them and do it in a personalized way, taking advantage of communication tools such as WhatsApp Business and artificial intelligence to personalize the message and arrive just at the most opportune moment.

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