Six ways to build a Casino’s brand using Social Media

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The popularization of the Internet and social networks have brought new ways of online entertainment to Internet users, and one of the ones that has grown the most in recent years is the online casino sector. There are many advantages: the possibility of playing and being entertained anywhere and everywhere, with no time limits and from the comfort of home; the technological improvements that have made the user experience more real and immersive; the improvements in terms of security, which provides peace of mind and eliminates any kind of rumors..

But social networks not only serve to popularize this type of entertainment, but they can also serve for these online casinos to improve their brand image and build a consistent branding around them. Thanks to Social Media they can create a community of users around the brand, build loyalty, offer customer service… In this article we will explain six ways to build the brand of a Casino using Social Media.

1.Respect the regulation

Each country’s online gambling regulatory authorities have their own rules for this type of activity. This also affects advertisements made on social networks or games in which real money is involved.

The regulation regarding this that there is in each country varies and depends on the problems that online gambling addiction has caused to some people for years. Similarly, social networks are no exception, as many individuals have become obsessed with them in recent years.

However, when comparing these two disorders, experts point out that there are many similarities between online gambling dependence and social networking dependence. However, experts consider that social networking is much more addictive and that dependence is much more common than online gambling.

For this reason, many people have called for stricter regulations regarding the use of social networks. The main concerns regarding these problems come from the risk of addiction registered, above all, among adolescents and young adults.

2. Build a community

Once the regulation is known, it must be taken into account that social networks can be a fundamental tool, if used properly, to build the brand image of an online casino. Through Social Media, offering users interesting content -information about online gambling, promotions, discount codes…- will get Internet users to start following the brand on these channels and a community of users identified with it will be created. Taking care of those people who have decided to follow the casino brand on social networks will be one of the priorities of the Social Media manager.

3. Share relevant content

Having a content strategy is fundamental in Social Media and this also affects online casino brands that want to improve their presence in these channels. Establishing which contents to share and trying to provide value with them will be the only way to -through those contents- attract users to the casino brand’s social networks. This is what is called “attraction marketing” and it is the way to communicate in Social Media: to elaborate interesting contents that provide a differential value to users (informing them, entertaining them or offering them access to exclusive promotions) so that they decide to go to their social networks and follow these companies.

4. Listen, listen, listen..

Understanding that in Social Media, bidirectionality in communication is the key. You can share very interesting content but listening is also essential. Any online casino company that wants to improve its brand image must pay close attention to what users comment on social networks. Making this communication fluid will gain the trust of Internet users and will surely encourage them to follow the company and interact with it.

5 .Customer service

Social networks are a fundamental tool to be in contact with users. An online casino company can count on its Social Media platforms to meet the needs of its users, which will be a vital differential value with respect to the competition. If you can help them through these channels and solve their problems or doubts, you will surely gain their loyalty.

6. Look for brand ambassadors

The follower on social networks must be the center of the communication strategy of online casino companies, you will have already realized that. By attending to their needs and offering them a close communication, you will get them to become part of the community and identify with the values of the company. A happy follower will also act as a prescriber and possibly recommend the casino to his friends. If their gaming experience -and in social networks- is satisfactory, they may become the best ambassador for your brand.

With these tips, any online casino company is sure to be able to achieve a better reputation on social networks. It is just as important to respect the legislation as it is to place the user at the center of the Social Media strategy to achieve the objectives we set ourselves. In this sense, social networks are perfect allies for online casino companies.

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