Skype is not working, what can I do?

What to do when Skype is not working

Despite presenting some glitches with some regularity, the Microsoft-owned video calling platform is still one of the best options on the market and, if you will, a great alternative to services like Zoom. But what to do when Skype is not working?

Sometimes Sype has bugs and other flaws that you can easily fix with these recommendations.

Here are some tips that you can put into practice during those unpleasant moments when Skype doesn’t work.

– Check the audio: regardless of the device you use for the video call (headset or speakers) in Skype you can check if the microphone is working properly. You must click on the three-dot menu, select “Settings” and then enter the “Audio and video” tab. Try speaking into the microphone and make sure the blue dots are moving as you do so.

– Check the video settings: if you are having problems with your webcam, it is possible that the solution lies, once again, in reviewing the audio and video settings mentioned in the previous tip. In this section you should be able to see a preview of your camera. If not, the recommendation is to update the Windows drivers and check that the app permissions are enabled.

– Control your bandwidth usage: a bad picture and sound during a video call may be due to bandwidth overload. That is, if other devices are downloading large files or playing 4K content while you are communicating via Skype, the quality is likely to suffer. Try pausing all demanding tasks running on your network.

– Make sure Skype is not the one with the problem: if you have no doubts about the correct functioning of your hardware, it is time to verify that the platform is not presenting problems. To do this, simply consult the Skype Heartbeat page, which you can access from the app itself. Once on the website, go to the “Help & Feedback” tab and then “Skype Status”.

– When Skype does not load at all: if you are having trouble logging into your profile, there is probably a problem with your Microsoft account. To fix it, you can try using the account recovery option. Additionally, if the failure comes from the application, it is advisable to uninstall and reinstall it. You can also switch to the mobile app.

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