SkyShowtime’s top movies [2023]

SkyShowtime is the go-to streaming platform for viewers in 2023 with some of the top movies in the world available right at your fingertips. With its selection of classic favorites, award-winning masterpieces, and original content, SkyShowtime offers something to delight every type of viewer.

Skyshowtime platform

The landscape of streaming platforms for movies, series and documentaries is expanding with the arrival of SkyShowtime. A new player in the so-called streaming wars which arrives in Spain at a complex time with Netflix restructuring its usage model by preventing accounts from being shared outside a single domicile and while the rest of the competitors continue to fight to win subscribers.

The catalog is made up of productions from Universal, DreamWorks, Sky, Nickelodeon, Showtime and Paramount Pictures.

In the case of SkyShowtime its content pool draws from major studios such as Universal, DreamWorks, United International Pictures and Paramount Pictures, television networks such as Sky, Nickelodeon and Showtime, platforms such as Peacock in addition to media conglomerates such as Comcast and Viacom.

From the extensive catalog available listed below are a few feature film recommendations.

“The Reporter: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”.: 2004 film set in the 1970s starring comedian Will Ferrell who plays a popular TV host who must adapt to his new co-worker (Christina Applegate), who is not content to be a flowerpot presenter and displays a combative feminism.

“Gru, my favorite villain” (complete franchise): French studios Illumination succeeded with their films in making viewers adore the funniest villain in computer-animated cinema, his adopted daughters, Dr. Nefarious and, above all, his hilarious little minions, the Minions, with their own film in which they give free rein to their madness and their surprisingly understandable, if unintelligible, language.

“Fast & Furious”: (complete franchise): All the films of the most popular car saga of the last decades, with races, chases and missions progressively more complex and exciting, with emotional farewells of some of its protagonists and surprise appearances that, throughout the installments, have provided epicity and consistency to the series that has been expanded collaterally with titles such as. “Hobbs & Shaw” by way of spin off.

“Mamma Mia!”: The favorite musical-film for fans of the Swedish band Abba, based on the premise of a daughter (Amanda Seyfried) determined to find out who her father is among the candidates that her mother (Meryl Streep) will present to her (Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgård). A fun comedy that, through music, will allow the viewer to live the same intrigue in a fun vacation in Greece. There are few occasions to see the aforementioned cast of great stars singing together.

“Mission Impossible.” (complete franchise): Each installment has its high point and it is difficult to choose one as the favorite, so while trying to achieve it nothing like enjoying Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, agent of the IMF agency, who will decide to accept the most risky missions, which in practice means curling the curl in each film with stunts, stunts and locations that leave the previous film’s more difficult one far behind. What awaits in the two installments yet to be released in theaters?

“Star Trek” (complete franchise): The film version of the popular television series finds here its accommodation to enjoy the different generations of protagonists of the same, from the performers who appeared already on the small screen as the original crew to the new generations or the most recent reboot of the franchise.

“Jurassic Park” (complete franchise): “We have spared no expense” is a phrase that in its own right has gone down in the history of cinema. From the first two installments, by Steven Spielberg and adapting the books by Michael Crichton, to the most recent adventures of those who insist on recreating extinct dinosaurs in parks whose visitors often end the day being chased, all the wonders of these films continue to amaze by the ability to make the viewer believe that dinosaurs exist today.

“The Godfather” (complete trilogy): Critics and audiences still hesitate to decide whether the best film ever is the first or the second installment of this trilogy that shows the mastery of its director (Francis Ford Coppola) establishing the Italian-American Mafia canon on the novel by Mario Puzo (and the scripts written half and half between novelist and director). The story of a family that over the generations emerges from Italy arriving in America, becoming entrenched in organized crime and having to face constant threats both internal and external. Films full of art, famous phrases and memorable performances. Masterpieces (at least the first two).

“Top Gun”: Its second part, “Top Gun: Maverick.” has been one of the films of 2022 and has once again drawn millions of moviegoers to the theaters. This 1986 film cemented the success of a since then unstoppable Tom Cruise, here playing an indomitable U.S. Army fighter pilot who completes his training at the elite academy.

“Transformers” (complete franchise): Some of the most expensive (and highest grossing) films of recent years are found here. Decepticons and Autobots from outer space have been battling for millennia. In the midst of these intelligent machines capable of modifying their appearance, transforming themselves into ordinary vehicles to go unnoticed on our planet, there are some humans who will be involved in such a fierce struggle but who will also establish intense bonds of friendship with these characters who, before reaching the big screen, already had their own line of toys and their own cartoon series.

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