Slack will also have its own stories

Slack Stories

Slack, one of the communication tools and organization of collaborative tasks most widely used in corporate environments around the world, is preparing to introduce new features to adapt to the new needs of users at the time of work, as many have delegated theirs Work activities from the office to home.

Slack joked about the idea of ​​creating their own stories until they finally realized the potential their introduction would have

With this in mind, one of the most important novelties to be introduced soon will be the Inclusion of stories, short-lived content that looks similar to Instagram or Snapchat, but has a different purpose, according to the company. According to Slack, the goal of these stories will be Generate interesting information for other members Make brief announcements in the team or offer a short meeting so that the other employees consume this pill with content and do not have to meet, for example, via video call.

The idea is that any employee with something short to say can do so through Slack to let others know about something work-related, rather than to share a private moment like you do in others social networks can do. However, their appearance is similar and they are displayed at the top of the screen as seen in this picture:

Slack Stories

Originally the idea of ​​creating your own stories was a hoax within the company itself, but Slack soon realized it could really have a lot of potential and started developing it. He is currently working on it and all we know is what a prototype is. When it is finally released, its appearance or functions may be different. Either way, it’s interesting that he’s working on incorporating this short-lived content that is trending on other platforms.

Fast video calling system in Slack

On the other hand, Slack is also developing a “push-to-talk” audio and video calling system designed to speed up the experience of making a video call, which can be complex in large organizations. The new system is designed to allow users to speak to one another quickly and directly, as if they were turning to a colleague’s workstation to start a quick conversation, ask a question, and leave.

With this new functionality, it would be enough to look up the colleague’s profile to place an immediate call, ask what is required, and hang up. Something faster and more agile than organizing a video conference.

Funny picture

Slack wants to be more than just another app for making video calls, it wants to be an on-the-fly communication platform between employees to reproduce the experience of living with multiple employees in a home office.

Like that of Stories, this functionality is also in the prototype phase. In both cases, however, Slack has expressed its intention to officially launch them before 2020.

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