So you can see Street View and the map at the same time in Google Maps

The recent Street View renovation brought a very practical novelty that further improves navigation. It’s a split-screen mode that allows you to split the screen with two views: the map in the overhead perspective and the street view from the first person you drive through, the traditional street view.

Street View now shows a split screen with the map added in the overhead perspective

This combination also enables a wider view of the surroundings on the map, while the Street View image facilitates the position in the room in which the user is located.

Activation is very easy. First of all, you need to make sure that the device is updated with the latest version of Google Maps. As always, when you touch a point on the map, a small box appears at the bottom of the screen where you can see the photo of the location. Well if you push that card The Street View is enlarged in the first person, but it will no longer occupy the entire screen, it will remain a split screen.

The top of the cell phone is occupied by the Street View first person view, while the bottom is occupied by the Street View view Top view of the mapThe graphic shows our situation and the adjacent streets.

If you want to change the perspective that Street View shows to that of any other place on the map that we are in, just click on the desired place on the map shown below.

This option saves having to return to the map view to be in the area, or vice versa, to leave this view to see the environment thanks to the first person perspective with real images of the environment. If both views are on the same screen, one glance is enough for better alignment.

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Currently, this new Street View split screen option is available only available for Android, although it shouldn’t be long before it’s available for the iOS operating system as well.

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