So you can see the most used emojis in real time

If you want to know in real time which emojis are used the most on the internet, you should know that there is a website that will no doubt satisfy your curiosity.

Emojitracker is part of the Emojipedia consortium

It’s called the Emojitracker and is a page that already has it Monitored more than 35,000 million tweets to see which emojis are used the most. It was created by Matthew Rothenberg in July 2013 and has been part of the Emojipedia family for 15 days after it was first launched. Emojipedia is the international consortium responsible for approving and managing the publication of new emojis.

From Emojipedia, they take care of updating Emojitracker so that it can support any new emojis that come out on the market. In total, 842 different emojis have been monitored since they were created.

If you’re curious, you can access it from here. It’s interesting to see how the tag of each emojis is updated in real time in seconds, and you can see which ones are used the most.

So you can see that it is currently the symbol of the emojis that laughs and tears come 😂 it is used most often, followed by the heart ❤️.

If you click on the marker for each emoji, a new window will open that provides more information about it. Among other things, your emoji ID and its abbreviated name are displayed. In addition, the order number is also displayed in relation to the ranking of the most frequently used emojis.

Finally, this pop-up window also shows the latest published tweets using this emoji in real time. It is constantly updated, so in the most commonly used emojis it is nothing more than a stream of messages that goes through one after the other like a Twitter content feed, as can be seen in the picture:

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