Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023 according to Hootsuite

Social Media Trends

Now that the end of the year is approaching and 2023 is getting closer and closer, it is time to take a look back at the trends that were trending in recent months and it is also time to anticipate what the next year will bring.

Hootsuite identifies five key trends for 2022.

This is what Hootsuite has tried to do, which for yet another year is unveiling its Social Media Trends Report around this time, offering insights and guidance to help businesses grow and thrive in social media in the year ahead.

By knowing what the trends will be for 2023, it will be possible to anticipate the needs of customers and potential customers on social networks. To find out what the keys will be next year, Hootsuite has interviewed more than 10,600 marketers, who have identified these top five trends in the seventh edition of its Social Trends Report:

– The big brands will invest less: Influencers and content creators are key for brands to discover communities of like-minded users. However, big brands are investing less in influencer marketing, which opens the door for smaller companies to hire the best creators (at lower prices).

-Content recycling is a thing of the past. Marketers stop chasing new features and start becoming more strategic, creating more creative and unique content for fewer platforms

Social media commerce loses traction with platform pushback, but it will only affect those who get caught up in the moment without looking ahead; marketers with patience will discover new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

Google: search optimization on social networks becomes a critical skill for marketers.

-With the return to physical store shopping, companies are losing focus on digital customer service, opening the door to adopting chatbots to differentiate themselves from the rest. In fact, almost 75% of organizations do not use chatbots from social and messaging platforms. When it comes to shopping, those under 25 are the most likely to use social networks to research and evaluate brands.

-Marketers feel unprepared for digital customer service.and the number of unanswered direct messages are more than we could have imagined. Less than 8% say their customer service team is solely responsible for providing this service on social and messaging platforms. Nearly half (49%) of organizations claim that customer service on social media was usually or exclusively the responsibility of the marketing team.

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