Social Media Trends for 2022 according to Hootsuite

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Now that the end of the year is approaching and 2022 is getting closer and closer, it is time to look back at the trends that were trending in recent months and it is also time to anticipate what the next year will bring.

Hootsuite identifies five key trends for 2022

That’s what Hootsuite has tried to do, as for yet another year around this time it unveils its Social Media Trends Report, which offers insights and guidance to help businesses grow and thrive in social media in the year ahead.

By knowing what the trends will be for 2022, it will be possible to anticipate the needs of customers and potential customers on social networks. To find out what the key trends will be next year, Hootsuite surveyed more than 18,000 marketers, who identified these top five trends:

– Brands should be concerned about getting the right community and for this the help of content creators is key: Influencers and content creators are key for brands to discover communities of like-minded users. Brands that partner smartly with creators connect with new audiences, gain their trust and gain cultural capital.

-Marketers get more creative Consumers are demanding more creativity from brands in their social media advertising, but rewarding those that get it right. Marketers plan to spend more on ads in 2022, so brands will have to work harder to create ads that reflect and enrich the different experiences each social network offers.

-Social media is going beyond the marketing department: Employee advocacy programs are enhanced, mastering social listening to gather consumer insights and looking for the kind of impact they’ve seen social media have on marketing across the organization.

-Social media becomes the center of the shopping experience: The era of social commerce is in full swing and the opportunities are only growing. Smaller, more competitive businesses are finding a balance between social media storefronts and brick-and-mortar stores, while big brands are testing the limits of the online shopping experience.

-Social marketers rescue their brands from the customer service apocalypse: Amid disruption to global supply chains and staff shortages, many companies can expect an influx of less-than-happy customers in 2022. Meanwhile, the demand for customer service through social networks has increased. Social media managers are now in an ideal position to play heroes and lead their organizations through this demand.

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