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On the occasion of the robbery suffered by a popular character such as the player of FC Barcelona, Aubameyangwho was attacked and robbed by four unknown persons in his house, the news program of TRECE Televisión, TRECE al Día, has counted with the intervention of Manuel Moreno, Internet expert and director of

From the media they asked for an essential advice to ensure safety when we go on vacation and we do not stop using social networks. If you have not been able to see the advice offered, we provide it now in the following video:

As Manuel points out in the video, always use common sense when using social networks, especially when you are not going to be at home for a certain period of time.

In this sense, it is advisable not to reveal the home address, or use tagging to make it easier for enemies of the unwanted to find the location easily. It is also advisable not to offer data such as, for example, the dates on which we will go on vacation, leaving the address empty. Posting this information on social networks can make it easier for thieves to find their target.

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