Some facts that stand out from the First World War

The surprising facts They are present at every important milestone in history. The First World War was undoubtedly the first great war and one of the most painful events in human history. Although more than 100 years have passed, the four years that the war lasted will always be remembered.

Diseases were the worst enemy

The First World War left a terrible balance. It claimed almost 18 million lives. Bombs and bullets were not the cause of many deaths. They were the result of pandemics triggered by the poor conditions of the trenches infested with lice and rats.

Many others were caused by pneumonia and tuberculosis. Diseases exacerbated by the fact that soldiers were always wet, cold, and very poorly fed.

A third of the soldiers involved in this war were victims of the so-called Spanish flu. The virus came from the United States, but got this name because the Spanish press was most concerned with spreading news about the disease. Since Spain was not part of the war, it was able to exchange neutral information about the pandemic. It eventually ended the lives of almost 100 million people worldwide.

Surprisingly strange facts about events during the war

There are many surprising facts mentioned by various historians. The following are some that stand out during World War I:

  • The soldiers' mothers bought so many Bibles that they ran out of supplies. Religious beliefs and Bibles were supposed to save their children's lives. Two cases were documented in which the small book in the bag held up a bullet.
  • It was also a time when women got down to business and proved that they could take on male jobs. You shouldn't just take care of your children, bring them up and take care of them. If not, they also looked after the wounded in hospitals, used public transport and were the operators in the war industry. Many of the women who worked in the defense industry were nicknamed the Canary Islands. Through contact with TNT, the explosive with which the mussels were filled, the skin gets yellowish spots all over.
  • France built a false Paris north of the real capital. It was so that the enemy bombers confused the targets and the bombs did not fall on the real city of Paris.
  • Although there were phones, they were connected in trenches, and attacks quickly worsened. For this reason, more basic communication methods have been implemented, for example the use of mirrors, missiles or flags.
  • As positive data that this competition left behind, we can mention the development of aviation that has changed the direction of travel forever.

World War One - Aviation

  • The impetus that the women's election received in many European countries and in the United States. It was finally made official two years after the war ended.

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