Sophisticated Ancient Civilization in Louisiana

Really, you wouldn’t expect this from those ancient Native Americans. This group, specifically, resided over three millennia ago in what is now northern Louisiana. They were thought to be just hunters and gatherers. A new study sheds light on their true abilities. And uncovers secrets of the sophisticated ancient civilization in Louisiana.

The sophisticated ancient civilization in Louisiana had skilled engineers.
Sophisticated ancient civilization in Louisiana had skilled engineers.
Indian Mecca

A team of researchers re-excavated and re-examined the Poverty Point site. It was discovered in 1991 by leading archaeologist Jon Gibson. It was later declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. The site was built about 3,400 years ago. Who built it? Hunter-gatherers, from nearly two million cubic metres of earth. It was a kind of mecca to which Native Americans made pilgrimages. However, it was abandoned between 2,000 and 2,200 years ago. Probably due to heavy flooding and climate change.

Archaeologists carried out radiocarbon dating. The sophisticated structure is a massive 22-meter earthen mound with several concentric ridges. Analysis indicates that it was built over a short period of time. Despite the lack of tools, domesticated animals or wheeled carts.

This is the location of the site.
This is the location of the site.
Work that endures

“We have underestimated the natives. And their ability to do this work and do it quickly. There’s a lot of remarkable things here. These embankments have been maintained for over 3,000 years without failure or major erosion.” The study’s lead author, Tristram R. Kidder of the University of Washington, explains.

“Modern bridges, highways, and levees fail with incredible regularity. Building things out of earth is more complicated than you might think.” The sophisticated ancient civilization in Louisiana had good engineers. They had “very sophisticated technical knowledge.”

It is believed that the Indians discovered an unusual way to mix different kinds of materials. Their aim was to make them “virtually indestructible.” “There’s a kind of magic in that. Our modern engineers are not yet able to understand it,” they conclude.

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