Space flights affect pregnancy

Okay, it’s not very common now. But what about in the future? Someone decided to find out. And they discovered that spaceflight affects pregnancy. The absence of a normal geomagnetic field would affect women’s pregnancy. How? The Russian Science Foundation to Sputnik answers that answer.

Spaceflight affects pregnancy - why?
Spaceflight affects pregnancy – why?

Embryos affected

Studied how the absence of a geomagnetic field affects the cardiac activity of fishes Danio rerio embryonic. It is a model for the study of human cardiovascular diseases. Why? Because of its transparency.

One group of developing fish was placed in an environment with little or no magnetic field. Another group of embryos remained in a geomagnetic field. In this way they evaluated changes in physiological indicators of the body.

What was the result? In the absence of the Earth’s natural magnetic field, the embryos were prone to die. And the survivors had impaired development. Their hearts began to beat erratically.

“Many particles around us have magnetic properties. What happens if the geomagnetic field weakens? Physiological processes that depend on the magnetic environment will be altered. This is probably the reason for what happened in the experiment. In the absence of geomagnetic field, mortality increased. And many embryos turned out to have developmental disorders.” This was explained by Doctor of Biological Sciences Vyacheslav Krylov.

The magnetic field would have a bearing on this.
The magnetic field would have a bearing on this.

Geomagnetic field

He further added that the increased heart rate may be an adaptive mechanism. The change in conditions has rendered normal reactions insufficient.

The authors of the study explain the alterations of key bodily processes in a magnetic vacuum. They believe that they should be taken into account, for example, when planning a pregnancy during spaceflight. If spaceflight affects pregnancy, it could become a major constraint.

This reveals what would happen when there is no usual geomagnetic field as on Earth. It is very likely that gestation could develop in a much more complicated way.

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