Spaniards spend 169 minutes a day on the Internet

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During the months of imprisonment, Spanish internet use increased by up to 26% as a large part of the population was isolated from home and relied on technology to be in touch with family and friends. work or exercise remotely.

Spaniards spend 50 minutes a day video calling and video conferencing

However, as soon as the delivery is over – and despite the more than possible arrival of a second wave – and the alert state, the virus now lives in what has been called “the new normal” Spaniards continue to use the Internet more than before.

This is the result of a study by the consulting firm GfK, which proves this Digital consumption in Spain has not decreased, it has increased in relation to the months before the onset of Covid-19. That said, we’re more excited about the internet and the trend may not change even after the pandemic is over.

The report “Digital scenario after Covid»From the consultation, she has been conducting a development of digital consumption in the country over the past few months and also a Analysis of trends for the next year. Among the most interesting data the company made available in a press release is that Spaniards currently spend 169 minutes a day on the connection, which is a 3% increase over the first few months of the year when Covid- 19 had not yet appeared.

As a result, more audiovisual content is being consumed on video on demand platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video. The demand for delivery platforms such as Glovo or Just Eat has also increased by up to 17%, as has the interest in products and services in the “Living and Decoration” category by up to 10% in the last few months.

The way you flirt and meet people has also changed, with dating apps and platforms being used 9% more than before, as you can’t go to bars and clubs to meet other people.

Video calling apps have also seen a very significant increase. Up to 66 minutes a day has been used during delivery, but after the “new normal” has arrived, its use has not decreased as much, and 50 minutes a day is invested, 43% more than before. the months of imprisonment.

This new reality too has changed the way online shopping is done… And the trust of the users. In fact, 10% of people who started buying products and services on the internet during the pandemic made their first debut during these months. In addition, 40% of users bought from a platform they had never bought before.

The best-selling products on the network were basic necessities such as groceries (37%), hygiene (38%) and pharmacy (25%). Fashion (40%), grocery deliveries (25%) and decoration (23%) also increased significantly, but especially during the de-escalation months.

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